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Flexitec 2020 Resin is the main component in many modern roof waterproofing systems.

Its flexible technology means its useful for coating all sorts of common roof surfaces, including asphalt, timber, felt, concrete and more. Generally considered the next generation of roofing systems, you can find it here at JJ Roofing Supplies for a competitive price.

Flexitec is a product of Restec, specialists in GRP roofing solutions. Their team of experts designed Flexitec as a single resin polyester-based liquid waterproofing solution, ideal as a modern solution for preparing all types of rooftop from upcoming winter months and buckets of British rain. Restec is well known for its variety of polyester resins, liquid roofing systems, and composites.

We’re big fans of Flexitec at JJ Roofing. It’s a modern roofing innovation we love. If you’re in the market for a material to waterproof your rooftop, repair roof damage or application on a more tricky surface like metal or PVC single-ply, we recommend Flexitec.

Main Uses For Flexitec

Flexitec 2020 is ideal for roof repairs and renovations. It’s a straight-upgrade from other GRP solutions and composites, and can be applied to a variety of different rooftops. We recommend trying some adhesive tests to make sure its compatible with the material on your roof before you order in bulk.

But Flexitec isn’t just perfect for rooftops. You can use the polyester-based waterproofing liquid to cover exposed balconies, walkways and even for modern Green Roofs. The material is ideal for walkways because once finished it’s easy to clean, it’s cheap to lay considering its durability, and you can even include anti-slip grits in the mix.

There is one thing we recommend before you lay Flexitec. Although it’s a super-fast drying and strong liquid finish, it won’t save a damaged roof. If it is roof repairs that you have in mind, you need to check whether the rooftop is defective, decaying, or suffered from exposure to moisture. You’ll need to strip the roof or re-deck it before applying Flexitec, or suffer the costs of having it removed when the roof needs work.

The Benefits Of Flexitec 2020

One of the best features of Flexitec is how quickly it dries - it boasts a rapid 30-60 minute walk-over time. That means you can lay it and have it usable within a day - not many other liquid systems provide this fast functionality, ideal for a day with risky weather on the way. And don’t think this affects its quality; Flexitec provides an extra-tough finish. Much like other liquid systems, this option is very flexible. Whether its needed for flat roofs, walkways or balconies, it can cover almost any typical building material (including concrete, GRP, felt and more).

Seeing as its a liquid system, when you lay it it’s a seamless cover, no welding marks, no weak marks, and no visible joints. A professional and aesthetically-pleasing cover. You can also make sure it’s right, just apply a first coat, then apply a second coat to cover any marks. Likewise, if there is any damage after wear and tear, you can simply apply a new cover without grounding down what’s already there.

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