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Knauf Insulation

Knauf Insulation

Knauf is a quickly-growing manufacturer of eco-friendly Insulation products for the modern home.

Their main focus is to supply an increasing demand for high-level energy efficiency in new builds and existing properties, creating sustainable products for a more energy-efficient home.

The most popular products from Knauf Insulation include their Earthwool and Dritherm range which can be used in loft spaces and modern loft conversions. They are effective for both floor insulation, roof insulation and wall insulation, using eco-friendly materials in an easy-to-install and easy-to-cut fashion. Knauf offers some of the best options for home-installation of insulation as it is incredibly simple to cut and shape.

JJ Roofing Supplies stocks a wide range of different Knauf loft Insulation products in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. We’re proud to offer market-leading competitive prices and fast UK delivery around the country. Plus, we’re roofing experts ourselves: the products we stock are tried, tested and trusted.

Different Types of Knauf Insulation and Their Uses

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock two of Knauf Insulations leading products: the Dritherm and Earthwool range. Both are trusted insulation materials that match up with modern energy-efficiency demands for new builds and for loft conversions in older properties.

Dritherm is, in technical terms, a non-combustible material made of Glass Mineral Wool slabs. Knauf Insulations trademark ECOSE technology and their own water repellent additives mean these insulation slabs are easy-to-install, eco-friendly and extremely effective in the home. Knauf suggests these are most easily installed while the walls are first being built, but they can be installed at a later date.

Knauf’s Earthwool range is much like the Dritherm range but available in rolls rather than bricks or slabs. This makes it even easier to shape, cut and install according to the exact parameters of your roof or loft space. Like Dritherm, Earthwool is manufactured with ECOSE tech and the same Glass Mineral Wool material.

The Benefits of Knauf Insulation

The main benefit of Knaufs Insulation loft roll is the fact that it’s quite easy to install at home on your own. Earthwool and Dritherm, alongside the company’s ECOSE trademark innovative tech, meaning that the material is simply cut to shape and then installed where needed. Dritherm is better for slab installation for walls and floors whereas at Earthwool is ideal for loft roofs. The material is lightweight, totally odourless, and soft to the touch.

Environmental concerns are paramount for modern building projects, and not only for the energy-efficiency. All Knauf products use naturally occurring biological materials rather than synthetic materials of other insulation products. There are no harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde or bleach.

JJ Roofing Supplies recommends Knauf Insulation for a safer, cleaner and more energy-efficient home. Fire resistance, sound-absorbing and offering great temperature insulation, Knauf is a great choice if you’re looking to go down the fibreglass insulation route. You’ll find everything you need right here to get started on your renovation or construction product, available with fast UK delivery.


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