Aluminium Downpipe

Aluminium Downpipe

Aluminium Downpipe offers a timeless aesthetic that is very neutral in style, making it an excellent choice across a range of different properties of varying ages.

Available in Round, Square or Rectangular styles, Aluminium Downpipe is also extremely durable and weather-resistant. In terms of style, Aluminium Downpipe is a suitable choice for a modern property or period home. With variations that resemble traditional Cast Iron Downpipes, aluminium rainwater pipe systems can be an excellent alternative to the more expensive options without giving up on style. A rectangular downpipe may look better on a period property, while the round downpipe is more suitable for a modern home.

It’s also possible to order Aluminium Downpipes in a range of different colours. This means you won’t have to painstakingly paint each piece of gutter or worry about which paint to prime the pipes with. This also means you have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to designing the exterior look of your home.

You can get a stylized colour option from the manufacturer, including right here at JJ Roofing Supplies. We stock a range of different colours and styles. Due to the colouring process, the colour won’t run or streak, which can’t be said of painted guttering.

Aluminium Downpipe is also extremely durable with an expected life-span of around 30 years if properly installed and maintained. However, thanks to the rust-free properties of aluminium, the downpipes are also quite low maintenance compared to plastic guttering.

When it comes to maintenance, very little is required from you as a homeowner. Beyond the regular gutter maintenance of cleaning dirt and leaves from inside the channels, aluminium requires little else to stay durable. You won’t need to apply protective paint or primers at any point.

These downpipes will also not crack due to significant temperature change. Aluminium holds up very well under a variety of weather conditions. As you can see from our range here on JJ Roofing Supplies, the downpipes fit flush together in a seamless style, preventing cracks or leaks.

Aluminium downpipes are also quite easy to install. Each unit fits together seamlessly, and no soldering is needed to keep the joints together. They only need to be fixed to the wall.

These downpipes are also lightweight and easy to move. You could install this rainwater system on your own. If you do need tips or advice on installing downpipes on your home, JJ Roofing Supplies is happy to help either over the phone or in-store.

Overall, aluminium downpipes are cost-effective, durable, and very easy to install. They make an excellent addition to a modern or older property as they’re available in a range of designs and colours. If you are looking for a modern alternative to traditional cast iron downpipes, and want the security of something more durable than PVC, then we recommend aluminium as an excellent middle-ground between the two.


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