Shed Felt

Shed Felt

Shed Felt is probably one of the most important things to have on your shed, other than a set of sturdy walls and some well-attached windows.

Shed Felt keeps the weather out of your shed and protects the rooftop. It’s fairly easy to install yourself, all you need to do is cut down a standard roll (allowing for a bit of overlap), then attach with glue or nails depending on personal preference.

Once Felted you can tile over the shed roof or leave it just as felt, though we do recommend affixing some standard roof tiles to protect your shed from the weather. JJ Roofing Supplies offers cheap Shed Roof Felt and fast delivery, excellent if you need to do a bit of shed maintenance or are building a new one in your garden.

JJ Roofing Supplies stocks a tradtional green mineral felt

Types of Shed Felt

Typically, shed felt is like a roll of paper or fibreglass which is then covered in asphalt or some other waterproof material. Most sheds you buy stock from the shop come with their own felt roofing, usually with some sand composite on top. However, over time, it’s likely you’ll need to repairs on your own, and it could be time to upgrade to some more industrial-grade and long-lasting felt.

The traditional option are felt roofs made of some mineral composition, often of a bitumen composition. This should last around 15 years, even in Britain’s harshest and ugliest weather. They’re easy to attach with some nails, ideal for protecting your shed from rain, and is effective after only one single layer.

At JJ Roofing, we’ve got a range of roof felts, either for sheds or the rooftops of portable buildings. Our fast delivery and competitive prices make it easy to pick up some kit with an online order and get it to your door within a few days.

The Benefits of Shed Felt

Like we mentioned, if you’ve bought a shed straight from the shop the roof is likely covered in a mineral composite felt, usually cheaply made from sand. These should last a while, but if you start to notice some rips and tears, it’s best to replace the felt before winter.

Felt is lightweight and perfect for shed roofs on top of any type of shed. Likewise, felt is inexpensive, and while you might need to repair it more regularly - than say a fibreglass roof - the overall cost is still much lower. Plus, it’s super easy to repair anyway. If there are rips and tears you can use a piece from the same roll and just torch it over a hole. Lastly, felt is flexible and easy to install. You can bend it, shape it, and curve it around all sorts of angles.

There are a few downsides - it doesn’t last too long, is prone to weather damage (hot weather causes it to warp, and in winter it can get pretty brittle), and when you repair it yourself it can look a bit rough. 

Take a look through our selection of felt roof choices available on JJ Roofing Supplies, available at cheap prices and fast delivery so you can get your shed fixed up in no time at all.

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