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Insulation Board

Insulation Board

One of the most common types of insulation is the use of foil insulation boards.

JJ Roofing keeps a range of general range insulation boards in stock that are suitable for a wide variety of different projects and only manufactured by trustworthy brands including insulation Celotex.

Foil board insulation is one of the best ways to effectively insulate a room. It will successfully help regulate the room’s temperature which means it will keep the heat in during the winter months and keep the heat out during the summer months.

While foil board insulation is an especially popular choice for basements and attics, it can be used for every part of the home including the roof and even the foundation. This option will provide structural strength that will resist damage from everyday activities. In addition, it will offer excellent thermal properties.

On top of regulating the room’s temperature, foil loftboard insulation will help block the sun’s radiant heat by reflecting the rays and thus preventing them from overheating the interior space.

An additional great feature of using our foil boards for insulation is how easy they are to install. All you really need to complete the process is a pair of scissors and some measuring tape to ensure the correct width and length required. It’s also very lightweight easily allowing one person to insulate an entire room without needing any helping hands.

Once installed, foil board insulation will not disintegrate which means it’s good for the environment and requires little to no maintenance.

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