Acrypol Plus roof coating is a much-loved waterproof solution for flat roofs, available at a wallet-friendly price for a 5kg bucket, suitable for a double coating. It takes around a week to settle, or just 2-3 days to dry, then all you need to do is over-coat with a paint of your choice (silver solar-reflective paint is recommended for durability).

Benefits of Acrypol:

  • Cost-effective method of repairing flat roof leaks
  • Easy to apply
  • Long-lasting, can be applied in wet weather
  • Available to purchase in bulk
  • Fast delivery from JJ Roofing Supplies

As described by its manufacturer, Acrypol plus is a roof coating waterproof system that is designed to refurbish damaged industrial, domestic and commercial flat roofs. Its applied as a semi-liquid paste, very easy to lay down, and it dries quickly to a tough finish. Acrypol is great for a solution to leaking roofs on garages and outbuildings.

It's a versatile solution because it has awesome adhesion, and can be used on a variety of materials, like ply, fibreglass, asphalt, felt, metal and glass. Thanks to its easy application and thick covering it can even be applied in wet conditions.

Repairing A Roof With Acrypol +

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock Acrypol in 5kg and Acrypol 20kg tins in Grey, Black, and White. For a small repair, you’ll only need two coats, so a 5kg tin is suitable. Larger projects, like the total renovation of a flat roof, will require more Acrypol.

First, diagnose where there’s a leak. It should be easy to tell where there’s a leak on a flat roof due to the water pouring out or dark damp patches. Clear the area of dirt and then apply one coat of Acrypol with a brush in an area around the crack.

Lay down a small reinforcement scrim, then apply another coat over the scrim. Although Acrypol takes about 2-3 days to dry it will start repelling water as soon as its applied.

Acrypol is a fast and effective method to repair flat roof damage and cover leaks quickly and cheaply.

Roof Maintenance - Make Your Flat Roof Last Longer

Flat roofs do not have the same drainage capabilities as ridged roofs. Even though flat roofs still have a small (barely noticeable) incline, they still run the risk of having water pooling and building up in damaged areas.

Roofs made from felt are more susceptible to warping and cracking during the summer months or bursting with water in winter. It’s recommended that you carry out regular maintenance on your flat roof, especially during the changing seasonal weather.

To boost the longevity of your flat roof from 10-15 years to 20+ years you should perform regular maintenance. Acrypol can be applied to small cracks quickly before they get any larger.

For more serious damage you will need to replace the roof felt. You can also browse our range of roof felt solutions here at JJ Roofing Supplies. We deliver quickly for competitive prices, making it much easier to carry out that all-essential maintenance.

Please take a look at our additional offerings for flat roofing solutions.

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