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Reclaimed Interlocking Tiles

Reclaimed Interlocking Tiles

Reclaimed interlocking roof tiles offer a cost-efficient roofing solution with both rapid installation and an array of aesthetic options.

For instance, interlocking roof tiles can mimic the look of the broken bond pattern on your roof, which many people desire. These roof tiles combine contemporary methods and classic designs to provide a practical product that is both cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

Interlocking roof tiles can be installed much faster due to the interlock making staggering the bond redundant. Reclaim interlocking tiles are often suited for roofs with lower pitches, because of the lower pitch usage interlocking tiles can be frequently found on extensions throughout the UK.

We have Marley Roof Tiles, Redland Roof Tiles, and Forticrete Roof Tiles in stock. However, large volumes of concrete and clay interlocking roof tiles from a single vendor are uncommon. Therefore, it might be better to contact and confirm availability, as there are times when we have the bulk of the same tiles.

Clay Interlocking Tiles

Clay interlocking tiles are well known for their durability and long-lasting qualities. It is common for clay interlocking tiles to last decades. In addition, many clay-made tiles are not susceptible to mould and are rarely damaged when exposed to the frosting. To ensure all tiles are kept to high quality, we individually assess each tile and ensure that every tile is in perfect condition. With such a wide range of clay interlocking reclaim tiles, we advise you to email our team at web.sales@jjroofing.co.uk for any enquiries. If you want to visit your local branch and seek expert advice, please do so.

Concrete Interlocking Tile

Concrete interlocking tiles are well known for their durability and long-lasting qualities. It is common for such tiles to last decades. In addition, many of our tiles were previously made by our trusted manufacturers, which is essential when trusting the quality of our products. Specifically we often accept 49 tiles and interlocking due to their popularity and durability. 

How long do interlocking roof tiles last?

Manufacturers usually offer a 30-year warranty on the tiles and say a good service life is 60 years.

Are reclaimed roof tiles cheaper than new ones?

Reclaimed tiles and roof slates are excellent choices for those looking to save on construction costs. These materials can be up to 50% cheaper than buying new ones, making them an attractive option for those on a budget. They are also better for the environment as they are recycled and reused, which helps reduce waste and conserve resources. Additionally, they often have a unique, rustic look that can add character and charm to a home or building.

Is there a market for second-hand roof tiles?

Yes, occasionally, reclaimed roof tiles are worth something. However, elements such as its current condition and the type or material made from should be considered when estimating the worth of recycled roof tiles. 

Are interlocking roof tiles better?

Interlocking tiles still need to be attached to the roofing battens although they often don't need a staggered bond due to their interlock. Reclaim interlocking tiles are typically larger than plain tiles because of their design which means fewer tiles are needed to cover the roof. Installing interlocking tiles is quicker and less expensive than installing plain tiles.

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