We have an extensive range of cleaning solutions and wipes which help you maintain your roof while it shines throughout the year. In addition, other tools such as lighting torches and bungee straps which can help ease the sometimes awkward working conditions. Check out our range of cleaning solutions for roofs, torches and bungee straps.

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock all the necessary products required for your roofing project. However, we keep in mind that it's the small things customers need while trying to repair their roofs.

Cleaning Solutions

We've got you covered if you're in the market looking for cleaning solutions. Our brick and patio cleaner is excellent for removing moss from stone, brick and concrete. The mould and moss cleaner is perfect for removing the unsightly green film that can develop on your roof. We also stock BMI Icopal Spray Application Gun Cleaner to regularly clean the gun and hose during and after use. We even have multi-surface wipes, which are great for cleaning spillages and residual filth from surfaces and are a fantastic finishing wipe to leave a job looking professional and dirt free.

Lighting Tool

Torches are a great addition to your tool kit and offer illumination during work in the loft or dark spaces. We stock a range of torches for your needs, such:

  • Inspection torches
  • lightweight polycarbonate torches
  • LED swivel base torches
  • LED magnetic lights. 

Bungee and Straps

Our 10 24" bungee straps can be used for various applications and are made with secure hooked ends to lock down any sized load. Join them to create a giant strap for more oversized loads, or use them individually for smaller tasks.

Perfect for transporting supplies or securing luggage in transit, bungee straps are a must-have to keep your stuff secure in one place.

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