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Decking provides an attractive and stylish way to lift your space instantly. 

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but easy installation and minimal maintenance make decking the perfect choice for outdoor recreation areas or beautiful patios where friends & family can gather together in style. 

We offer composite boards made from robust materials with a variety of profiles & colour palettes - ranging from traditional teak to sophisticated silver grey!

JJ Roofing Supplies carry traditional decking from top manufacturers like Wallbarn and Castle Composites. All decking boards are a tried-and-tested choice for homeowners.

Contact our customer service team by phone or email if you have any additional questions regarding our selection of decking. With more than a decade of roofing experience, we can assist with any inquiries regarding our decking boards. 

Advantages of Decking:
At JJ Roofing, we are happy to offer composite decking manufactured by industry-famous Castle Composites and Wallbarn, which offers several benefits such as:

  1. Decking boards are visually attractive and offer an aesthetic appeal to your building. A deck makes your outdoor space a beautiful venue. Whether in the sun or shade, your new patio provides the perfect spot to enjoy your home, family and friends.
  2. Our decking boards are made from high-quality, durable materials, making our decking functional.
  3. Throughout a lifetime, decking requires very little to no upkeep. It must only be mopped or washed occasionally, as algae can form during winter.
  4. Depending on the size of the space, decking can be finished in a matter of weeks. Decking is quick to install to offer an extensive addition to your house. 

Can you lay decking directly on the grass?
No, you cannot lay decking directly on the grass. Instead, you should remove or kill the grass where you have to install decking. The grass is less likely to establish itself and spread if not removed. 

Do you need gaps between decking boards?
A well-built deck must have room between the boards so the wood may expand, contract, drain, and dry out without damage. However, you must also ensure that the gap you leave is the proper size. If you make the gap too tiny, there won't be enough room; if it is too big, it could risk your safety.

Do you screw decking at every joist?
Secure each decking board onto the framework for optimised sturdiness. Use two screws to join every board at its joist intersections for maximum strength.

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