Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

Fibre Cement Roofing sheets are very popular across industrial, agricultural and some residential industries.

They’re an excellent alternative to old-fashioned asbestos roofing cement with a variety of great benefits. Fibre cement roofing is non-toxic, durable and made of 100% recycled materials. This makes them an excellent and cost-effective solution for your next roofing project.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we offer fibre cement roofing sheets from leading manufacturers such as Marley. Our prices are competitive and our fast UK delivery means you can get the materials you need delivering to your door by the end of the week. All fibre cement roofing is built to fire regulations, and the stock we supply here meets all British and European building standards, as well as being BBA approved.

Benefits of Fibre Cement Roof Sheets

Fibre cement roofing sheets are very cost-effective: for an affordable price, you get a roofing material that is entirely waterproof, easy to install with very little maintenance needed over their long lifespan of around 30 years, and resistant to the types of corrosion that affect other roofing materials (like mould, rust and water damage).

Fibre Cement roofing is also non-toxic when compared with old asbestos roofing. This makes it an ideal material for roof renovation projects and new builds alike. You can also paint the material almost any colour you like, although this may affect the appearance of the fibre cement over the years, although that’s nothing a fresh lick of paint won’t fix.

As well the non-toxic composition of fibre cement, it’s also an entirely recyclable and recycled product. That means not only are you getting great building materials you’re not harming the environment at the same time, ideal for a climate-conscious DIYer.

Our fibre cement sheeting from Marley Eternit has a 30-year guarantee, provides fantastic thermal and noise regulation and insulation, and can be installed at home by a DIY roofer. If you do have any questions about the products - like how is best to install it - please drop us a message, we’re more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Marley Eternit Fibre Cement Roofing

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock Profile 6 fibre cement sheeting from Marley Eternit, which is a high-grade durable sheet perfect for pitch roof projects. These sheets feature polypropylene reinforcement which further improves their structural integrity and lifespan. You can install these on a roof of at least a 5-degree pitch angle and for vertical cladding on some buildings.

Marley Eternit is one of the countries leading manufacturers of roofing products and all their products receive excellent ratings and are built in accordance to UK manufacturing regulations. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we take our products very seriously: if you have questions about which product is best suited to your project just contact us, we’re happy to help out.

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