Lead Fixings

Lead Fixings

Lead is one of the most durable construction materials and has been used for roofing construction for centuries. 

It’s very malleable, allowing you to mould it to almost any shape, very resistant to corrosion in rain and pollution, and decades of longevity. Lead Fixings are especially important to make sure everything on your roof stays exactly where it should.

There are a wide variety of lead fixings available here at JJ Roofing Supplies, including annular ring shanks, dome kits and lead fixing strips, among other products. These come from leading manufacturers such as Samac Fixings and all offer the long-lasting durability that's come to be expected from our products.

Lead fixings are one of the most important parts of your rooftop and we won’t let you down. We offer competitive prices on a range of supplies in the UK and fast delivery so you can get your project started and completed in no time at all. Whether you’re renovating an old roof or starting afresh, choose JJ Roofing Supplies for your next batch of supplies.

Different Lead Fixing Applications

We stock everything you need to complete roofing projects when it comes to lead fixings. You’ll find kits for general applications as well as lead fixings for more specialist projects. Lead fixings are essentially fittings that prevent lead pulling away from walls and destroying the material’s excellent natural waterproofing.

In general, we recommend either copper or stainless steel nails for ordinary application, or copper and stainless annular ring shanks for attaching lead sheet to other materials such as timber. At JJ Roofing Supplies we offer strips of lead fixing that can be cut down to size on site without the need for a specialist tool - this gives you plenty of versatility when attaching the strip to your rooftop.

Lead domes are used for stone, masonry and quick cladding on a variety of rooftops. Again, they’re very flexible, as they provide good coverage for screws and come in a set of everything you need to create secure joinings on your roof. Hallclips are also a good option as they apply less pressure to the lead and allow for a natural expansion of the material - they’re also quite simple to install.

Benefits of Lead Fixings - Why You Need Them

Attaching lead flashing is one of the most effective ways to guarantee a truly watertight roof. When attaching lead flashing you should use appropriate lead fixings to make sure your flashing doesn’t come away from the rooftop and render the durable and waterproof properties of the material totally useless.

The fixing you use is determined situationally - clips provide a strong fixture on the flashing itself without putting much strain on the joint, while copper and stainless steel nails are the most common way to affix lead flashings. Restraint straps are used to secure the edges of the flashings while you’re working on the roof.

You’ll find everything you need from leading UK manufacturers right here at JJ Roofing Supplies. We provide very competitive market prices and fast delivery around the country, whatever the weather.


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