Natural Slates

Natural Slates

Natural slate is a classic and traditional look that is difficult to replicate artificially, although many manufacturers have given it a good shot. 

Generally, Slate is ideal for period properties where roofing has always been slate and the original design fits the historic and environmental surroundings. 

Roof slate is also a very durable material, with plenty of occasions where the slate tile roof will outlast the building it once sat on top of. Plus, slate is an entirely natural material - as it ages it actually begins to look weathered and retains its aesthetic value rather than rusting, dripping or cracking like other artificial roof options. It can last up to beyond 150 years, even in severe weather conditions.

It should be noted that Natural slate is tricky to install, quite costly when covering an entire roof, and will require special tools and training to enable you to lay the tiles. Most often you will need to contact a professional. If you have any queries about how you would go about fitting a slate roof on your property, you can always drop us a message.

Different Types of Slate - How To Tell Which Slate Is Good, and Which Is Not

The quality of slate is determined by the carbonate content matter. This is a measure of how much carbonate is inside the slate. Higher content will turn darker when exposed to the elements whereas low content will retain its original look for longer.

In recent years UK suppliers have begun to import slate from other countries, and Spanish slate is now a popular option because of its excellent cost and aesthetic properties. SSQ is one of the leader suppliers of Spanish slate here in the UK and you’ll find their range of products right here on JJ Roofing Supplies.

Other popular brands here in the UK include BMI Redland, for their different coloured Richmond and Saxon Slate,  among others. Alongside our Natural slate products, we also stock a range of artificial options that include fibre cement slate and plastic alternatives, often a more cost-effective solution that might just be lacking that final aesthetic appeal.

Main Benefits of Natural Slate Rooftops

First and foremost, Natural slate is a highly durable material that will last for over 150 years in many cases. It’s entirely natural and weathers well in the British climate, often ageing and looking better than it did when it was originally laid. Slate is a traditional roofing material most commonly seen on period and historical properties for this reason.

They are also naturally resistant to leaking, frost damage and absorb little water when exposed to the elements. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we only supply slate that has obtained the appropriate ratings, such as the A1, T1 and S1 BSEN standards for carbon content and thermal recycling.

You’ll find affordable natural slate here, available at market-competitive prices and fast UK delivery of 2-3 days. If you need to ask questions about slate and laying slate roofs please send us a message - we’re more than happy to help.


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