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Vent Extraction Adaptors

Vent Extraction Adaptors

JJ Roofing stocks a range of adaptors that will allow for soil or mechanical ventilation through your tile vent.

This excellent selection will suit our range of tile vents that will enable a connection to extraction fans and soil pipes. The adaptors you’ll find below are easily fitted and have been manufactured by famous industry brands including Ubbink and Klober.

We are often asked whether roof ventilation is required and the answer is usually yes. Whether you’re working on a new build or an older property that’s being refurbished, a degree of ventilation will help you avoid the moisture that is caused by a number of everyday tasks such as showering, cooking and drying clothing indoors. If a ventilation system has not been installed, the moisture can get trapped in the loft space and cause issues later on.

These issues include mould formation and damp both of which can affect the roof structure itself as well as causing damage to items that have been stored in the affected space. This is why a tile vent with an appropriately matching adaptor should be used as a preventative measure. Once the problem has already occurred, removing it can be a lengthy process which can also end up being quite pricy.

When it comes to solving ventilation problems in a professional manner, the installation of a tile vent and adaptor is definitely the easiest one. The top quality items we’re offering below are very easy to fit and you won’t need to hire a professional for the installation process. From older properties to brand new builds, we have a suitable product for you below.

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