Universal Vent Tile and Adapter

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  • New low profile design makes it unobtrusive on the roof line.
  • Colour matched fluted base suits almost all popular interlocking and plain tile profiles.
  • Neat cap in a choice of Terracotta, Slate Grey or Brown to blend with most tile colours.
  • Fully wind tunnel tested.
  • Built-in downpipe to ensure direct ventilation path into the roof space.
  • Adaptor and flexpipe included for soil ventilation or mechanical extraction.
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects.
  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards


    The Vent Tile is positioned in line with the tile below and a hole is cut in the felt to accommodate downpipe. To ensure the integrity of the underlay the use of the Klober underlay seal is strongly recommended. The rigid base is then nailed to the batten. The skirt is dressed to the tile profile. A tile is laid to the right of the base, with the PVC on back upstand positioned above and below sidelock. The cap is clipped securely to the base and tiling is continued as normal.

    NB. For plain tiles ensure that the minimum gauge is 100mm. Full instructions provided with each product.


    Provides 30,000mm2 vent area (15,000mm2 effective area); 5mm, 10mm and 25mm continuous opening equivalent at 3m, 1.5m and 0.6m intervals respectively; and pressure air flow resistance at:-

                            15 litres/sec 30 litres/sec 60 litres/sec
    Pascals                 3.5           14                 56


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