Chimney Pots

Chimney Pots

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we offer chimney products - including Chimney Pots - from leading manufacturers, such as Red Bank. 

In terms of pots, the classic roll top chimney pot is a common sight on homes across the U.K, although many new buildings are foregoing the chimney pot due to more modern methods of heating a home rather than a stove. However, there is nothing more classic and traditional than a clay chimney pot. That’s why we offer a fast delivery on chimney pots for sale, which can be used for fast repairs and replacements to pots damaged by poor weather. In our collection of chimney-based products, we also offer a range of chimney cowls.

JJ Roofing Supplies offers excellent customer service and fast delivery, providing roof solutions from the leading roof tile and chimney pot manufacturers in the U.K.

Different Types of Chimney Pots

The terracotta cannon or roll top chimney pot, correctly sized for your specific chimney, is the classic way to top a chimney. Whether you use a solid fuel fireplace (like wood, or coal) or a more modern gas-powered fireplace, you’ll still need to attach a chimney of some sort. Chimney pots differ worldwide, from classic tall-stack to Victorian decoration, though modern properties opt for modern and more discrete style.

There are a variety of different pots - such as the Louvred Pots for preventing rain water entering the chimney, H-Pots which are designed in an eponymous H shape to prevent drafts, and the regular terracotta pots. While traditional pots are made from clay or terracotta, there are copper and steel with either square, round or octagonal shapes. Each chimney pot will need some type of mount, such as a mortar mount or crown mount, and potentially a chimney cowl as well. For solutions to all of your chimney needs, browse JJ Roofing Supplies for fast U.K delivery at competitive prices.

Benefits and Necessities of a Chimney Pot

The Chimney Pot is an extension on the terminal end of a chimney stack, with their main purpose to create more space for smoke to escape the stack and generate a better draft. Chimney pots are a practical necessity, though that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal.

Fire needs to be fed by oxygen, and chimney pots are cleverly designed to both enhance and control the fire in your fireplace. It's also important to have a well-fitted chimney to carry the run-off of combustion - whether that be solid fuel such as coal, or just as important, gas.

While a standard chimney pot should do the job in most cases, in certain situations you may need to attach a cowl. These are extra devices fitted to your chimney pot if you’re experience lots of downdraught or a reduced draft due to strong winds outside. As we mentioned, not each chimney will require a cowl, but if you regularly experience lots of smoke in your room you should browse our selection of cowls at JJ Roofing Supplies.


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