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VELUX Flashing Kit for Window

VELUX Flashing Kit for Window

Are you planning to replace your roof window with Velux windows? 

The Velux flashing kit is a central factor you must consider before installing the windows. It is there to protect your windows and indoors from harsh weather conditions. Velux flashings secure Velux windows perfectly to your roofing system for a precise and watertight finish. We proudly offer a range of flashings designed for various roofing materials.

What is a Velux Flashing? 
Velux flashing kit is a thin and flexible material installed around the window frame offering a watertight seal to guarantee the window's good performance. Velux window flashing kit will cover all three sections, 'Top, 'Side's'and'Bottom'. Each section will overlap working in cohesion to safely disperse any potential water ingress.

Types of Velux Flashing
It's essential to choose a Velux flashing kit compatible with the material on your roof. The requirements for various types of tiles and materials vary. A few kinds of Velux flashings are:
1. VELUX EDW flashing kit for a 15-90° tile roof
2. VELUX EDL flashing kit for 15-90° slate roof
3. VELUX EDP flashing kit for 25-90° plain tile roof
4. VELUX EDJ recessed flashing kit for a 20-90° tile roof

What Velux flashing kit do I need?
The material of the roof and the finishing touch you desire determines the type of Velux flashing your roof needs. Choose the correct flashing for your windows and consider these factors before picking a Velux flashings kit:
● What kind of tile do you have on your roof?
● Whether you want a recessed or standard installation?
● Do you want any extra features like increased energy efficiency or eliminating cold bridging?

Is flashing on windows necessary?
Yes, Velux flashing kits keeps your home safe, secure and most importantly water-tight. This critical component helps guard against harsh weather elements, ensuring optimal covering for your home. Rain and moisture can lead to costly damage if flashings are not professionally installed. A poorly installed window without flashing will offer no protection. It collects rain that blows at an angle into your house. Sidings alone won’t offer enough protection between your home and the rain and moisture that occurs outside.

Do Velux windows come with flashing?
Velux windows are a great way to brighten up any space and let in some fresh air, but you must ensure proper installation. Velux windows do not come with a separate flashing kit. Therefore, you should purchase a flashing kit for Velux windows before installing them.

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