Coping Stones

Coping Stones

Coping Stones are flat slabs of concrete specially designed to prevent water damaging a wall beneath your roof. 

While they’re manufactured with durable concrete they also have drip checks on the underside which keeps water from dripping and running down your walls.

What Are Coping Stones?

Coping stones are excellent for adding a finishing touch to a roofing job. They’re an essential part of ensuring the structural longevity of your walls and shouldn’t be overlooked when performing renovation and repairs.

Our selection of flat roof coping stones at JJ Roofing Supplies come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes to provide an aesthetically pleasing and effective solution to wall water damage. We offer market competitive prices and fast UK delivery for a variety of your roofing needs.

Different Types of Coping Stones

At JJ Roofing Supplies we stock coping stones from Castle Composites, a leading manufacturer who produce two different types of hand-made coping stone: once weathered and twice weathered. These are the leading solution for protecting your walls from water damage from a company with many years of experience in the industry.

Once weathered coping stones are designed with a slope on the top surface that leads water into a gutter. These are the most popular coping stones for rooftops as they perform best when lots of water needs to be guided away from the walls and top of the roof. You can also install them so that they direct the water into external rooftop guttering.

Twice weathered coping stones are designed with a triangular-like V in the centre of the stone. Water runs directly off each side of the ridge away from both sides of the wall. These tiles aren’t used on rooftops commonly but rather on standalone walls, like walls in the garden.

Fitting Coping Stones

Our Castle Composite Coping Stones should be attached with the matching CC Adhesive. This is the simplest and most durable way of affixing these stones to your walls or rooftop. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we offer 6kg tubs that will cover up to 3 square metres, plenty to get a good start on protecting your walls from water damage. It’s common to pair coping stones with pier caps to give your project that professional finishing touch.

Benefits of Coping Stones On Your Roof

Once weathered coping stones are ideal for flat roofing. The ability to direct water away from the top of your roof and the walls below it is important if you want to make sure your building survives poor weather and storms. Water damage on flat roofs can cause bulging felting, internal leaks, and wall water runoff that can damage brick mortar.

Coping Stones are an affordable and effective option to make sure your roof and walls last as long as expected. They’re easy to install with the matching adhesive and a trowel, drying within a day and providing almost instant protection against heavy rain. Order your Coping Stones at JJ Roofing Supplies for competitive prices and fast delivery across the UK.

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