FAKRO Flashings

Window flashings are essential when you install a roof window to add a layer of protection against rainwater. 

If put, FAKRO window flashing is a slim waterproofing layer that eliminates any upward-facing seams, crevices, gaps, or spaces that may allow moisture to accumulate and penetrate beyond the protective barrier. This feature prevents water from seeping through the FAKRO Roof Window and causing damage.

Window flashings manufactured by FAKRO are available in versatile options, providing flexibility for various installation needs. These FAKRO flashing options are suitable for multiple window types, including dual-top hung windows, conservation windows, high pivot windows, escape windows, combination windows, and smoke ventilation windows.

Browse the vast range of FAKRO window flashings available at JJ Roofing Supplies to protect your roof window from leaking. Want to get a FREE Quote for window flashings? Call us now at 0333 700 1111

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FAKRO Flashings

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