Chimney Products

Chimney Products

Whether you're looking to make your fireplace or stove more efficient and safer, our range of chimney accessories can be a big help. 

From chimney caps and cowls to flue liners, we offer a wide selection of quality products that can help you improve the performance of your chimney and make it safer for your home and family.

With our chimney accessories, you can ensure that your chimney is working correctly and that any harmful gases are safely vented away from your home. In addition, investing in the right chimney accessories can help you maintain and improve the performance of your fireplace and stove, ensuring you get the most out of your heating system.

What are chimney pot cowls?

Chimney cowls are covers that go over chimneys to keep birds, waste, and other pests out while also preventing smoke from blowing back into your house. JJ Roofing Supplies carries a large selection of cowls from industry leaders such as MAD Cowls and Colt Cowls. In addition, there are different types of chimney cowls available with us, depending on your requirements, including:


Birdguards are one of the most basic types of chimney cowls. They are typically mesh-shaped to keep animals out of the chimney space while still allowing air to flow freely in and out of the chimney.


Cappers are the go-to chimney balloon for straightforward and adequate protection. These easy-to-install caps keep out water to prevent long-term damage caused by prolonged moisture in your chimney block space.

Aspirator cowl

The Aspirator utilises a contemporary and stainless-steel design to provide an effective solution for improving the efficiency of the fireplace. This chimney cowl is designed like a turbine which allows wind to catch and rotate it rapidly. This creates increased air to draw up the flue liner resulting in better fire performance.

What are the advantages of using chimney pots and cowls?

The advantages of adding a chimney pot to your stack are as follows:  

• It improves ventilation for the combustion process.

• It shields your chimney stack from debris, animals, and bad weather.

• It adds a design element to the exterior of your home, which can increase the value of your property.


The advantages of adding a chimney cowl to your stack are as follows:

• It decreases smoke backflow while boosting the chimney's draught.

• It protects against inclement weather, animals, and debris build-up.

• It prevents heat loss through the stack, making it ideal for homes with unused chimneys.

When should you use a chimney pot and cowl?

A chimney pot and cowl add visual appeal to any home with an existing or disused open chimney stack. Moreover, these design elements provide essential protection against heat loss and blowback when the fireplace is not in use. Therefore, installing chimney cowls and pots during renovations of older homes can prove beneficial for preserving their style authenticity while ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

How much do chimney pots costs in the UK?

Chimney pot cowls and pots are an easy way to add value, safety, and security to your home. Prices range from a few pounds for essential bird guards to £100 plus reasonable costs for more high-quality options that offer optimum protection. For those looking at DIY installation, simple roll-top chimney pots come in lower price ranges starting around £25 - all of which will prove their worth over time.

What is a chimney liner?

A chimney flue liner is essential for safely directing fumes from your stove pipe to the atmosphere. This flexible tube runs inside your chimney, preventing harmful smoke and gases from entering living spaces or becoming trapped in crevices within the cavity.

What is the purpose of a flue liner?
Chimney liner helps you to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Assist in keeping your chimney clean and safe

Do you need help finding the perfect Chimney Cowl? Look no further! Our experienced and friendly staff are more than happy to assist. Tap into years of industry knowledge by simply giving us a call at 0333 700 1111 or sending an email to – we're here for your every chimney cowl, cap and flue liner need!

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