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VELUX Roman Blinds

VELUX Roman Blinds

Nothing says elegance quite like the sight of an eye-catching set of Roman blinds, and here at JJ Roofing, we have the best selection around.

These gorgeous yet practical blinds are a stylish choice guaranteed to transform any décor with a fresh new look. Roman blinds balance the functionality of roller blinds with the insulating properties of curtains for maximum effect. If you wish to transform your rooms to feel more homely, consider investing in Roman blinds today.

At JJ Roofing, we stock the most luxurious Roman blinds from some of the most well-respected brands around such as Velux. These blinds sport exquisite fabrics that are designed to create stunning lighting effects that will leave your room feeling warm and bright all year around. Among our wide range of options, you’ll find styles to suit all interiors from delicate and homely to strong and vibrant.

This makes them the perfect choice for all property types from contemporary to traditional and modern. While Roman blinds do not offer complete light control as Venetian blinds do, their design prevents light from spilling through any exposed gaps. These blinds will also afford you with a greater amount of privacy than Venetian blinds.

As well as filtering the light throughout your home, Roman blinds are also a great choice for their energy efficient properties. Thanks to the hybrid curtain/ blind design, these blinds will help with preventing heat from escaping through thermal transfer. They are also more affordable than curtains as they use less material. On top of all that, the Roman blinds that we stock here at JJ Roofing have been designed with longevity in mind. These blinds have been designed to be both flexible and practical, installation couldn’t be easier as they can be fitted to most compatible windows in just a matter of minutes.

On top of that, these Roman blinds sport a world-class design that is incredibly easy to keep clean. They are also easy to operate and sport a classic style that will never go out of fashion. So, if the prospect of a new set of Roman blinds sounds appealing, make sure you browse our selection below or call our customer support line to find out more.

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