Dry Verge System

Dry Verge System

Verges are where the roof meets the gable end, and you’ll need to attach verge tiles using either the traditional mortar bed or the more modern Dry Verge system. 

Generally, Dry Verge fittings for the edge of your roof are made of Aluminium or PVC, and here at JJ Roofing we supply models from the top brands in the industry, such as Kytun, Redland and Marley.

Dry Verge - What Is It, And How Do You Fit One

Dry Verge systems are now the most popular form of verge tiling because they’re more friendly on your wallet, are guaranteed to last longer than mortar (which degrades over time), and easier to fit yourself. First, measure out the necessary gap size then choose a make and model from our selection - we’ll have it delivered to your door for a great price.

ypes of Dry Verge

Dry Verge is easier to affix than your typical mortar finish for roof verges. Whether you choose a Continuous Dry Verge or Individual Dry Verge, the tiles fit together seamlessly and give a clean, professional and overall very practical finish to your renovated roof or repairs. The dry verge end caps are formed of a number of interlocking tiles that are attached with screws, usually heavy-duty and durable stainless steel screws.

There are different colours, shapes and fittings available for dry verge systems. Generally they are of a darker colour, such as black, or grey, but some brands offer weathered and authentic-looking tiles if you’re going for a certain look on your roof. While we understand that the classic mortar approach is more traditional, and easier if you know how to do it, we still recommend upgrading to a dry verge system.

Is Dry Verge effective?

Yes. A PVC or Aluminium dry verge isn’t always that desirable, especially if your property is a period or listed building, yet more and more people are choosing the dry fix system over the traditional mortar system.

That’s due to materials like PVC and Aluminium boasting a guarantee of up to and beyond 30 years, far outstripping mortar verges which might require regular maintenance and run the risk of sending tiles crashing to the floor below.

Dry verge systems are also effective because they keep out water and pests. Mortar is notoriously flakey, and can contract, expand and even split in extreme weather conditions, or after general wear and tear. This leaves gaps for pests, water and even birds to enter into the roof space.

The professional finish of interlocking Dry Verge is also very practical, being much easier to install than mortar tiles. You’ll also find a lot of economical kits for PVC, Aluminium, but also slate and tile kits that are designed to match aesthetically with the other tiles on your roof.

Top brands will often sell verge systems alongside their roof tiles, and here at JJ Roofing you can find verges from top brands like Marley and Klober, among other more wallet-friendly options if you’re looking for a quick and cheap fix to a few fallen verge tiles.

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