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Soffit Board

Soffit Board

Soffit boards offer a clean and modern look to any building and are designed to fit the underside of the roof.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we provide a varied selection of UPVC plastic soffit boards for you to choose that match your fascia without sacrificing strength or dependability.

Soffit boards provide attractive and seamless waterproof qualities for your home's roof. In addition, soffit boards are easy to install and require little upkeep. Manufactured by best-in-class and industry-renowned Floplast, our soffit boards are made from high-quality uPVC. These soffit boards add aesthetic to your building and are available in three- Anthracite, Black and White- evergreen colours.

What is a Soffit Board? 

Soffit boards are horizontal boards that offer a waterproof seal to the roofline when combined with fascia or capping boards. 

What happens if you don't have a soffit?

When soffit boards do not adequately protect your roof, moisture is more likely to enter and cause rot and deterioration. Ventilated soffit allows your roof to breathe, vented soffits are famous amongst homeowners for reducing condensation and other causes of mould or damage.

Benefits of a uPVC Soffit Board

Low Maintenance

Once soffits are fitted, they immediately protect your property and require little to no maintenance. Occasionally cleaning your soffit and fascia may be necessary if there has been a lot of rain. Nevertheless, uPVC plastic doesn't require treatment or repainting like other materials.

Visually Appealing

Soffit boards are one of the final touches added to a home's exterior, helping to give it a neat and finished appearance. There will undoubtedly be a soffit board that suits your preferences and design from a smooth white finish to a more traditional black and anthracite wood grain finish. 

Cost Effective

Soffit boards offer outstanding value for the money. Floplast PVC boards can be bought for as low as £15 plus vat for 5 metres, when compared to wood fixtures, they are more affordable and last a lot longer. Finally, they have excellent weatherproofing qualities, which keep the cold out and your heating costs down.

How much do soffits cost the UK? 

The typical cost of installing soffits in the UK is £1,200 - £3,000. However, several variables may be present and impact the price, such as the size of your home and the options you choose (vented soffits). 

Why is PVC suitable for soffit boards?

uPVC has excellent water resistance, which prevents it from rotting. Because of this quality, the soffit board is a perfect option for areas with a lot of rainfall. It is also a perfectly ergonomic material to maintain and clean.

Hurry, get your soffit boards from JJ Roofing Supplies now!

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