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Concrete & Porcelain Pier Caps

Concrete & Porcelain Pier Caps

Pier caps are designed to protect your pillars from damage from weather elements. JJ roofing supplies sell pier caps made from concrete & porcelain.

Our concrete pier caps come in three colours, light grey, buff and dark grey. In addition, the piers Caps come with drip checks on all four corners to help water disperse away from the wall. All three colours are supplied in two sizes, 370 x 370mm & 530 x 530mm and come with a sizably 5-year guarantee.

Porcelain piers caps are square with no elevation with a 30mm drip check on all sides. These porcelain piers have been tested for frost, chemical & stain resistance. The Porcelain pier caps come in two distinct colours: bluestone natural & hammerstone grey. Both colours are available in sizes 500 x 500 & 400 x 400.

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