Machine Made Clay Plain Tiles

Machine Made Clay Plain Tiles

Reclaimed machine-made clay tiles are known to be one of the longest-lasting materials available.

Reclaimed machine-made roof tiles offer many advantages over alternative materials. They boast fantastic durability and often outlast the buildings they are installed on. Additionally, these eco and fireproof tiles help insulate homes below them for lowered energy costs; plus, with water resistance qualities built in, our reclaimed machine-made tiles will withstand any temperature changes or extreme weather conditions needed and match almost every aesthetic you desire!

Reclaimed tiles are ideal if you need to replace tiles to prevent your roof from being damaged, as they perfectly fit your current roof tiles.

Manufactured by renowned suppliers BMI Redland and Sandtoft, these roof tiles are of premium quality and offer excellent durability. In addition, these reclaimed clay roof tiles are highly versatile and are suitable for pitched roofs and vertical tiling.

Buy reclaimed roof tiles now and enjoy outstanding value today!

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