Plain Tile Vents

Plain Tile Vents

Plain Tile Vents are the most typical form of roof ventilation.

These subtle tiles come from a range of leading manufacturers in the UK such as Klober, Ubblink and Marley and are available in a variety of styles to fit just about any sort of roof you can imagine.

Many Plain Tile Vents are designed to fit exactly into the existing appearance of your roof. They’ll fit into concrete and clay tile styles, and the in-line style means the vent tile is practically invisible, meaning there’s no compromise on aesthetics when it comes to protecting your roof from the risks of poor ventilation.

Each tile has functions in place that prevent water entering the vent, prevent insects and larger animals like birds finding a way into your roof, and are all wind-tunnel tested to guarantee their durability on your roof. Every tile is also made from UV and weather-resistant materials.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we offer products from the marketing-leading manufacturers in the UK. There is a huge range of different plain vent tiles, from affordable tiles that blend seamlessly into a clay roof, to more expensive tiles designed for special purposes and applications. Our prices are super-competitive and we offer fast 2-3 UK delivery.

The Need For Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation doesn’t always need a complicated solution. These Plain tile roof vents are designed to improve the flow of air through your roof or attic space without the need of costly materials or installation process.

Many homes in the UK have poor roof ventilation without their owners realising - while plain vent tiles are durable, they should still be checked for blockages and installed properly when first put into the roof. Any small gap in the exterior finish could mean that the vents fall down during wind, even though they’re all UK wind-tunnel tested.

Roofs with poor ventilation can cause huge damage in the long-run. Interior hit when heated from outside by the sun can cause something known as super-heating; this will cause damage to the structural integrity of your roof, cause an uncomfortable atmosphere in the home, and likely skyrocket your energy bills.

Alternatively, a build-up of condensated water during winter - from ordinary everyday use of the bathroom, kitchen or cooking - can also cause damage like mold, mildew and damp patches to render parts of your roof structure as unstable.

If any of these symptoms are noticed in your own home, it's time to install some simple plain vent tiles. They fit snugly into an existing tiling job and are designed to blend seamlessly with the style. Because their mechanism isn’t complicated you can easily install these types of tiles yourself, and one or two on your roof is likely all you need for a properly ventilated attic/roof space.

All the tiles at JJ Roofing Supplies come from leading manufacturers with tried-and-tested tiles. You can trust us to offer fantastic competitive prices and fast UK prices for locations around the country.


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