Ridge Vents

Ridge Vents

A ridge vent is an important part of a comprehensive ventilation system. 

When buying your ridge vents from JJ Roofing, you can sit back and relax knowing that our kits are manufactured by well-known industry manufacturers who have a proven track record of excellence in specialty roofing products.

Ridge vents are installed at the peak of a sloped roof to allow for warm air to efficiently escape from the attic. When you choose a high quality ridge vent like the ones we’re offering at JJ Roofing and install it properly, you will be able to greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home while prolonging the life of your roof.

Ridge vents offer a very simple and effective solution that will protect a homeowner’s roof from common problems associated with heat and moisture. The main issue with traditional roofing is that once the outside air goes into the attic, it has no way of escaping. A properly installed ridge vent will allow this air to escape out of the top of the roof which will in turn prevent damage such as premature aging and cracking.

Moisture is released in the home from a variety of everyday activities such as showering, cooking, drying clothes, running the dishwasher and breathing. Moisture is one of the number one causes of damage to rafters, shingles and walls inside the home. A ridge vent will help with releasing that moisture which will be especially useful during the winter months when it has a greater impact in the home.

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing ridge vents as their ventilation solution all over the world. On top of their proven effectiveness, JJ Roofing’s ridge vents also have a classic look that is sleek and will blend in seamlessly with the other shingles.

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