Wakaflex, from Klober, is a brand new alternative to old-fashioned and expensive lead roof flashing that is highly flexible and applied with a self-adhesive. 

It’s easy to install and is quickly becoming the favoured lead alternative for construction projects here in the UK. Klober is one of the UK’s most trusted roof manufacturers and Wakaflex is another example of their committal to material innovation in the industry.

Wakaflex - A Modern Alternative To Rooftop Lead Flashing
You can easily mould this flexible material to create a watertight flashing against the base of chimneys, wall abutments, and plenty of other useful applications according to the features on your roof. It can be smoothed out over details that creates a very clean and professional finish much faster than a lead alternative.

Wakaflex is available in both Anthracite and Light Grey, two typical colours seen on most modern rooftops in the UK. You can also order it in Red or Brown if they better suit your roofing project. It creates a subtle and durable fitting that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we offer excellent prices on this modern material with fast UK delivery so you can get started on your roofing project ASAP.

Benefits of Wakaflex

As we stated, Wakaflex is a modern alternative to lead for roof flashings. Although lead has been used for many centuries some of its pitfalls have become apparent in the modern construction and roofing industry. It’s expensive, makes your home a target for thieves looking to strip lead flashings, and can be difficult to install without the appropriate specialist tools and training.

Wakaflex, on the other hand, is much cheaper, easy to install with its flexible material properties, and can be stretched up to 50% in length, 15% in width. It’s applicable for almost every roofing material except bitumen and works well in most conditions unless there might be a risk of ponding (water gathering in pools on your roof.)

Absolutely no welding is required, it’s about as twice as fast as lead to install (even if you’re a leading professional!) and is much lighter than its weighty old-fashioned alternative. Best of all? Wakaflex still looks like lead which is ideal for properties that want to maintain that traditional look or straight up replace damaged or stolen lead flashings.

Applications for Wakaflex include:

  • Pipe Flashings
  • Dormers, Rooflights and other angled roof features
  • Attachable to metal and polycarbonate materials
  • Wall Abutments and Upstands
  • Gas/Wood Burner Flues and Chimneys
  • Easy to apply over profiled tiles and even around corners

Who Is Klober?

Klober is one of the UK’s leading roofing manufacturers with a range of products covering everything from roof vents to modern alternatives for traditional materials. They’re at the forefront of roofing innovation in the UK and one of the most trusted manufacturers in the country. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we take pride in being able to supply Klober products at competitive prices and offer fast UK delivery around the country.


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