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Cast Iron Guttering

Cast Iron Guttering

Cast Iron Guttering is a classic style choice with its own practical merits. It first appeared in the UK over two hundred years ago and has since appeared on homes across the country. While cast iron guttering is a traditional style it also has a lifespan of 40+ years and comes in all the regular shapes and sizes you’d expect from other modern guttering. Very often Victorian listed buildings must feature cast iron guttering so as to keep in the style of the original build. It’s best to check whether your home is listed before changing too much about its exterior appearance, especially removing or replacing cast iron guttering.

If you do own an older property, Cast Iron Guttering is the way forwards. Cast iron is more expensive than its plastic alternative, but the durability and quality of the materials outweighs the cost if you’re looking for a guttering job that’ll last a lifetime.

Thankfully, here at JJ Roofing Supplies we offer fantastic prices on cast iron guttering near me and fast UK delivery. We’re the number one supplier of top UK manufacturers, like Hargreaves, and take pride in our friendly customer service.

Cast Iron vs Plastic Guttering

The question you’ll likely have is: why should I bother with cast iron guttering if its more expensive than plastic? It’s true: cast iron guttering is around 7 times more expensive than a plastic alternative, but plastic won’t last as long or look as lovely on the front of your home.

During poor weather, whether it be storms or snow, plastic guttering performs much worse than cast iron. It can be easily bent, warped or cracked by falling debris, tree branches or lots of rain. Plastic guttering requires regular maintenance and replacement, which isn’t expensive, but can get frustrating. Cast iron guttering is far more durable, and it’s set to last you up and over 100 years before you even need to think about doing any maintenance.

Why Buy Cast Iron Guttering

Not only is the iron itself very durable, here at JJ Roofing Supplies we stock cast iron guttering with specialized coating paint that helps it survive the rain and prevents the spread of fire in the case of an emergency at your home.

Hargreaves Foundry have been manufacturing iron products here in the UK for over a 100 years - they’re one of the most trusted companies for durable cast iron guttering, and we stock their products at competitive prices.

At a glance you won’t notice much of a difference between the cast iron guttering and plastic PVC guttering - that’s because the majority of Hargreaves guttering is painted jet black to render it shiny. There is also just as much flexibility with the style, design and fitted pieces with cast iron guttering as there is with plastic guttering.

Overall, cast iron guttering looks nicer, performs better over the decades, and lends your house a traditional touch. It might be more expensive and harder to install, but the payoff is definitely worth it.

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