Reclaimed Welsh Slate

Reclaimed Welsh Slate

Welsh slate has a reputation for being of very high quality and is considered to be one of the finest roofing materials in the world. 

Many period properties in the United Kingdom have slate roofs because slates are known to be one of the longest-lasting materials available on the market.

Reclaimed Welsh Slate roof tiles offer a unique and beautiful aesthetic, with natural stone providing an abundance of colour variation. However, the most impressive feature is the outstanding durability - when properly installed and maintained, these roofs can last up to 150 years! As one of the most robust materials on the market, welsh slate makes for an ideal choice in any home renovation project.

JJ Roofing is proud to offer reclaimed Welsh slates in grey and red colours that are visually appealing and highly durable. In addition, Welsh slate tiles feature incredible fireproof qualities, representing the pinnacle of eco-friendly roof technology. They also provide excellent insulation for the home below them while withstanding various weather conditions due to their water resistance - a challenging feat! 

Our team has carefully salvaged each slate so customers can purchase quality materials whenever they need replacements.

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