Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Roof windows are a great way to add natural light and ventilation to your home. They can also help improve your energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs. Suitable for both pitched and flat roofs, roof windows are available in multiple finishes and sizes to suit the needs of your property. 

JJ Roofing Supplies provides a wide range of roof windows to meet your needs. Choose from Electric, Manual, or Solar-powered options. Electric windows offer convenience with remote control, ideal for modern homes or hard-to-reach areas. Solar windows are eco-friendly and powered by solar energy. Manual windows offer cost-effective ventilation and light for standard installations. 

Centre pivot windows are preferred for pitched roofs, especially in loft conversions and are suitable for pitches between 15 to 90 degrees. Top-hung roof windows are ideal for compact spaces and can serve as emergency exits. For areas prone to steam and condensation, durable uPVC windows are recommended. We also provide conservation roof windows, similar to centre pivot windows but with a black exterior finish, to meet conservation building regulations.

JJ Roofing Supplies offers many top-quality roof window brands, including industry leaders like 

These brands provide a diverse selection of roof windows, ensuring customers can find the perfect solution for their roofing and skylight needs, backed by trusted reliability and performance.

We recommend buying VELUX Roof Windows if you want to invest in luxury and enjoy special technological features. They offer several styles and options, including solar-powered windows with a remote control pad. These skylights for pitched roof applications also come with a rain sensor that automatically closes your window when it detects adverse weather activity.

We also supply window blinds, window flashings and window accessories to match the needs of your property. 

We have compiled a brief guide to roof windows if you want more information about their different styles and properties. While you usually don’t require planning permission to install a roof window, there are a few exceptions to this rule and some set guidelines to follow. 

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