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Pitched Roof Windows Buying Guide

When renovating your home, converting your loft or looking out for different ways to turn your room into a more inviting, airy, pitched roof, windows are seen as a rescue to all these issues. 

Even though it sounds easy to install roof windows to change your space's look and feel, it's much more than that. As pitched roof windows are constantly evolving and refined to suit your roofing needs, choosing the right fit for your space is tricky. 

It's the dimensions you need to look at and the opening, material, operation, style, price and finish.

In this guide, we will help you pick the right pitched roof windows for your space so that your purchase is worth the money you invest. 

What are pitched roof windows?

Pitched roof windows, also known as skylights, are designed to be fitted on pitched or sloped roofs. These roof windows are installed primarily to let more sunshine or air into the dark spaces, such as attics, lofts or places with limited to no sunlight. 

Pitched roof windows are prevalent in residential and commercial buildings as they help increase the daylight in a room, enhancing the overall ambience and reducing the need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Roof windows for pitched roofs are often equipped with insulating glass to prevent heat loss, UV protection to shield against harmful ultraviolet rays, and some ventilation options to provide fresh air circulation.

Benefits of installing pitched roof windows

When it comes to the benefits of installing pitched roof windows, there are many! Here are a few

Natural Light: As mentioned above, pitch roof windows allow abundant sunshine to enter the space, creating a brighter and more inviting environment. Natural light can reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, leading to potential energy savings.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Roof windows for your roofs are known to add a unique architectural feature. They offer an attractive focal point and can make the area feel more open and expansive by visually connecting the indoors with the sky and outdoors.

Ventilation: Various pitch roof windows are available, designed to be operable, thus allowing for controlled ventilation. Opening roof windows helps improve indoor air quality by allowing fresh air to circulate and remove stale air, odours, and condensation.

Energy Efficiency:  Roof windows improve energy efficiency when designed and installed correctly. They can be equipped with advanced glazing options that provide insulation and UV protection, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Views: If your property is in a scenic location, pitched roof windows can offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, whether it's a city skyline, a lush garden, or picturesque countryside.

Increased Usable Space: Pitch roof windows can make your spaces more functional and comfortable in rooms with sloped ceilings. They can provide headroom, making it possible to use the entire floor area effectively.

The advantages of pitched roof skylights are not limited to these, as they are also beneficial for privacy, health and well-being and increase the resale value of your property.

Choosing the correct type of pitched roof window for your home

Selecting the suitable pitched roof windows for your property involves many factors to ensure that the windows you install are functional, aesthetic and practical to your roofing needs. 

Living Room

The living room is the heart of your home, and the pitched roof window you choose can transform it into a bright and inviting space. 

Consider larger or multiple windows to maximise sunshine. It would be best to opt for energy-efficient glazing to regulate indoor temperatures while allowing abundant sunlight. 

If your living room has a higher ceiling, a top-hung roof window can be an excellent choice to let in fresh air and provide an unobstructed view of the sky.


Your bedroom is the place where the utmost comfort is required. A pitched roof window for the bedroom can create a serene and cosy atmosphere. 

Additionally, privacy is paramount, so you may look at the windows with blinds or shades to control light and maintain seclusion when needed. 

Moreover, ventilation is essential for restful sleep, making a centre-pivot or top-hung window a good choice. You can also explore skylights with noise-reducing glass for quieter evenings.


Loft spaces often have unique dimensions and limited wall space, making pitched roof windows a fantastic solution to convert these areas.

Choose roof windows that can be opened easily for air circulation, and consider ones with laminated glass for added safety. 

VELUX roof windows are popular for loft conversion due to their sleek design and versatility, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of daylight and fresh air even in attic spaces.


Pitch roof windows can transform bathrooms into spa-like sanctuaries.

Pick frosted or obscured glazing in spaces where privacy is crucial while still allowing ample light. 

Electrically operated windows benefit bathrooms, allowing you to adjust ventilation and light levels easily. Consider a skylight with moisture-resistant materials to ensure longevity in the humid bathroom environment.


Kitchens benefit greatly from pitched roof skylights, offering natural light to workspaces and contributing to a cheerful cooking environment. 

Choose windows that can be opened for improved air circulation, especially during cooking. 

Also, consider options that are easy to clean, for example, white PVC, to prevent grease and dirt buildup. 

Choosing the correct type of opening for roof windows

Several roof window opening mechanisms are available at JJ Roofing Supplies, each with advantages and considerations.

Centre-Pivot Windows 

The centre-pivot roof window is one of the most common pitch roof skylights. This type opens from a central hinge point, allowing the sash to pivot while maintaining a fixed position. 

Centre-pivot windows are known for their ease of operation, making them suitable for high and low installation positions. They provide spectacular views and efficient ventilation and can even serve as emergency exits when designed to meet safety standards. 

Maintenance is relatively straightforward, as the sash can be rotated for easy cleaning.

Top Hung Windows

Top-hung roof windows are a fantastic alternative for those concerned about space. These windows open outward from the top, providing maximum headroom and unobstructed views. 

Top-hung pitched roof windows are ideal for rooms with low wall space or when furniture placement might obstruct the window's opening path. 

This type of opening is also ideal where the window is out of easy reach, as the operation is typically facilitated by a control rod or remote. 

Whilst top-hung windows offer excellent ventilation, cleaning the exterior may require additional effort.

Balcony Windows

Balcony or roof terrace windows present a unique and innovative solution. These windows combine the functionality of a roof window with the convenience of an extended balcony space. 

When opened, balcony roof windows create a small outdoor area that can be enjoyed as an elevated platform, offering spectacular views and fresh air. VELUX balcony roof windows are considered one of the best sellers.

Even though these roof windows provide extra space, the installation complexity and potential for leakage require careful consideration during selection.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows offer a unique perspective on design and functionality. These non-operable windows are visual portals, framing breathtaking views and flooding interiors with natural light. 

The airtight construction enhances energy efficiency, reducing drafts and heat loss. While they lack ventilation, their stationary nature eliminates mechanical components, resulting in minimal maintenance. 

Fixed roof windows are famous for accentuating architectural features, creating focal points, and maintaining an unobstructed connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

It is also crucial to consider room size, ceiling height, furniture placement, maintenance preferences, and the desired amount of ventilation and natural light. 

Safety regulations and local building codes should also guide the decision-making process to ensure compliance and the well-being of occupants.

Choosing the right type of roof window operation

When filling space with sunlight and ventilating interior spaces, roof windows transform a room's ambience and functionality. 

However, choosing the right type of roof window operation is essential to maximise your property's convenience, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. 

You can pick from several options, such as manual, electric, solar, and remote-controlled operations. Each of these window operations comes with its benefits and suits specific property types. 

Manual Operation

Manual operation roof window offers a straightforward and cost-effective option. It involves a simple handle mechanism to open and close the window. 

Manual roof windows are ideal for areas where regular adjustment isn't necessary or for those who prefer a more hands-on approach. 

While manual operation lacks the automation of other methods, it remains a reliable option that doesn't rely on external power sources.

Electric Operation

Electrically operated roof windows introduce new convenience to homeowners. 

These roof windows are equipped with a motorised system that allows them to be opened and closed at the touch of a button. This feature is particularly advantageous for windows that need to be installed in out-of-reach areas, such as those installed in high ceilings.

Electric operation is quieter and smoother than manual alternatives, adding extra comfort to the living space.

Solar Operation

Solar-powered roof windows combine the features of efficiency and eco-friendliness. 

Solar roof windows utilise solar energy to generate the power required for opening and closing. The energy collected during daylight hours is stored in an integrated battery, ensuring continuous operation even during cloudy periods or at night. 

Solar windows reduce the need for external power sources, making it an environmentally conscious choice that can lead to energy savings over time.

Remote-Controlled Operation

Remote-controlled roof windows offer a high comfort level and customisation. 

With a remote control or smartphone app, homeowners can effortlessly adjust the window's position, allowing for precise ventilation and lighting control. This option is particularly suitable for smart homes, where integration with other automated systems can enhance the overall living experience. 

The remote-controlled operation of roof windows provides the flexibility to manage roof windows from anywhere within the home.

These were a few options for you regarding installing pitched roof windows. Consider what operation would suit your space and make an informed choice.

Which roof window brand to choose from?

When selecting a roof window brand, consider your specific needs. Assess factors like design, energy efficiency, ease of installation, and customer reviews to make an informed decision based on your requirements.

For premium options, VELUX, FAKRO and Keylite are renowned for quality and innovation. Velux offers a wide range of designs and features. FAKRO excels in energy efficiency and provides affordable solutions with easy installation. Keylite roof windows provide trickle ventilation even when the window is closed and secured. 

Duratech offers good value and performance. Atlas and Korniche focus on modern aesthetics. Mardome offers robust and versatile options. Coxdome and Vent Engineering cater to commercial settings. 

Installing pitched roof windows

Installing pitched roof windows is a great way to bring natural light and ventilation into your living spaces. 

Many roof windows, such as top-hung, centre pivot, balcony and conservation windows, are available. Each of its installations differs from each other. The window installation process involves careful planning and safety measures, followed by selecting the appropriate window type and size. 

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we have produced various informational videos on 'How to install certain roof windows'. Some are:

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Practical Installation Considerations for Pitched Roof Windows

Several practical considerations are crucial for optimal outcomes when installing pitched roof windows. 

Determine your goals: Before looking for pitch roof windows, you must determine why you need these skylights and the purpose of installing them. Do you want more sunlight? Or is it for more air or to improve your house's curb appeal? 

Pick up the right size: You must consider the size of the room and the available roof space. Oversized windows provide more light and better views but may not be suitable for smaller rooms.

Material of the frame: Common materials for pitched roof window frames include wood, PVC, and aluminium. Each has its pros and cons regarding aesthetics, maintenance, and durability.

Roof Pitch and Flashing: Do you know what is your roof pitch? You should also ensure that the window you choose is suitable for the angle of your roof. 

Aesthetics: The skylight's style should complement your property's architecture. Look at how the window will look both from the inside and outside.

Budget: Set a budget for the pitch roof window and installation. Remember that while higher-quality windows might be more expensive upfront, they can offer better energy efficiency and durability in the long run. At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock roof windows from various industry-renowned manufacturers. Our pitch roof price ranges from £130-£7200. We have varied options available to suit every budget.

Brand and Quality: Research reputable brands such as VELUX, Duratech, Keylite, Coxdome, FAKRO and Mardome, known for producing quality pitched roof windows. It is advised to read reviews and seek recommendations from professionals or homeowners who have installed similar windows.

Consult Professionals: Lastly, if you need help with suitable skylights for your home, consider consulting with roofing professionals such as roofers and providers. They can provide valuable insights based on your specific needs and the structure of your home.

Post-installation, maintenance and cleaning regimen

After you have installed the roof windows, it is essential to maintain them for the long life term. Clean the window with regular cleaning spray and a cloth to remove the dirt. 

Many roof windows are operable at 180 degrees, allowing you to rotate the sash and clean the windows from outside. 

For a detailed guide on how to clean roof windows, please visit our guide. 

Remember you should clean the windows at least once a year for proper ventilation and longevity.

Do you need planning permission to install pitched roof windows?

This is the question we get asked often, and the simple answer is that you may not require planning permission for many roof windows. If you want to know whether or not you require planning permission for VELUX roof windows, head over to our blog, Do You Need Planning Permission for a VELUX Window?