PVC Roof Sheets

PVC Roof Sheets

PVC roofing sheets offer a reliable and robust solution to any project, whether for cladding or covering. Homeowner's number one pick for porches, carports, garden sheds and lean-to extensions - as well as an excellent choice for industrial applications - plastic roofing sheets have proven their worth.

Plastic roofing sheets are an excellent option for DIY projects due to their strength and lightweight qualities. In addition, the ease of handling and simple installation methods makes them an ideal choice.

JJ Roofing Supplies provides a selection of high-quality plastic corrugated roofing sheets, all expertly crafted by the renowned Clear Amber brand.

Is PVC roofing any good?

PVC roofing sheets have skyrocketed in popularity for a good reason. They have several advantages, which make them a great choice when revamping your home's exterior. Let's look at some of the main benefits they offer:


Plastic roofing sheets are ideal for those on a budget. They offer shelter at a comparatively low cost and require minimal installation effort.

Durable and Easy Installation 

As previously stated, corrugated plastic roofing sheets are simple to install and requires little to no effort which saves time. In addition, these sheets are more durable and stronger than others on the market. Therefore, these sheets are ideal for safeguarding your home against danger and natural calamities.

UV Rays Protection:

One of the most significant advantages of pvc roof sheets is that they protect your home from harmful UV rays. Since we all know how harmful UV rays are to humans, this feature helps to protect both you and your home. The special UV coating on this plastic roofing sheet absorbs harmful UV rays.

Extreme Weather Resistance

Plastic roofing sheets are the perfect choice for garden terraces, carports, porches and lean-to's, offering protection from severe weather. Withstanding temperatures ranging from extreme heat to bitter cold, these plastic options have more strength than glass – making them nearly unbreakable.


The lightweight properties of polycarbonate roof panels and plastic roofing sheets offer advantages over other alternative materials such as aluminium and glass.

How long will a PVC roof last?

PVC roofs are indeed durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it can last up to can up to 30 years which makes these roofing sheets an intelligent investment in long-lasting security.

You can also refer to our blog 'How Long Do Clear Plastic Roof Sheets Last?' for more help and guidance.

Is A PVC roof waterproof?

PVC Roofing Sheets are the perfect choice for roof gardens, as they provide excellent water resistance and durability that stands up to anything weather condition.

Can you paint PVC roofing sheets?

Even though PVC roofing sheets are good at withstanding wear over time, they require extra attention before they can be painted. First, the PVC must be prepped correctly and then coated only in special paints designed to adhere appropriately.

Why buy PVC Roofing sheets from us? 

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we specialise in providing a reliable and robust roofing solution for the UK climate - backed by over decades of experience. We proudly stock an extensive range of PVC roofing sheets with long-lasting performance, offering unbeatable value for money. Maintenance is easy; wipe down any dirt or debris build-up with a damp cloth! Our products have been trusted across Britain, from homeowners to tradespeople alike.

JJ Roofing Supplies offer rigid anf lightweight PVC roofing sheets which are the perfect solution for enhancing any building or outdoor project. With its durability at full transparency, this versatile material offers endless possibilities!

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