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PVC Roof Sheets

PVC Roof Sheets

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofing sheets are an excellent and reliable choice for any roofing project.

Currently, PVC roofing sheets are the number one choice for homeowners in the UK who are looking to put a roof over their porches, carports, and garden sheds.
Besides residential applications, PVC roof sheets are also suitable for commercial projects due to their ease of handling and simple installation. Some popular options in the PVC roofing sheet industry include Vistalux and Corolux.
At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock a wide variety of high-quality corrugated plastic roofing sheets, some of which are expertly crafted by Ariel Plastics & Storm. Feel free to browse through this page and find the perfect corrugated PVC roofing sheets for your project, and if you have any questions, get in touch. We'd love to help you find the right solution for your roofing project.

Is PVC Roofing Any Good?

In recent years, PVC roofing sheets have become very popular, and for a good reason. They offer several different advantages, which make them a great choice when revamping the roof of your commercial property, residential home, or outbuilding. Let's look at some of the many benefits they offer:


Plastic roofing sheets are the ideal and cost-effective solution for home and industrial property owners who are on a budget. That way, you can resolve your roofing problem without breaking the bank and will have funds to deploy in other areas of your home or business.


The average corrugated roofing sheet can last upwards of 30 years, which makes it an intelligent investment for practically any roofing project. What's more is that with a little bit of care and maintenance, your PVC corrugated sheets can last even longer than that.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

The lightweight properties of plastic roof sheets make them significantly easier to install compared to aluminium and glass alternatives. What's more is that most people take care of the installation themselves, as they don't need to use any specialised tools or equipment to achieve a professional finish.

UV Protection

One of the most significant advantages of PVC roof sheets is that they can protect your home or commercial property from harmful UV rays. The reason why this is possible is because the special UV coating on this plastic corrugated sheet is designed to absorb the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Extremely Weather Resistant

Plastic roofing sheets are the perfect choice for garden terraces, carports, porches and lean-to's, offering excellent protection from harsh weather conditions. Withstanding temperatures ranging from extreme heat to bitter cold, these plastic options have more strength than glass – making them nearly unbreakable.

Why Buy PVC Roofing Sheets From Us?

At JJ Roofing Supplies, we specialise in providing a reliable and robust roofing solution for the UK climate - backed by decades of experience. We proudly stock an extensive range of PVC roofing sheets with durable and long-lasting performance, offering unbeatable value for money.
PVC roofing sheets are also very low maintenance; wipe down any dirt or debris build-up with a damp cloth. Taking care of them is really as easy as that. Our products have been trusted across Britain by everyone, ranging from homeowners to tradespeople.
JJ Roofing Supplies offers rigid and lightweight PVC roofing sheets which are the perfect solution for enhancing any building or outdoor project. With its durability at full transparency, this versatile material offers endless possibilities.
If you have any questions about our PVC roofing sheets, get in touch with us. Our friendly team of PVC roofing specialists would be more than happy to help you find the right solution for your roofing project.

FAQs About PVC Roofing Sheets

How Long Will a PVC Roof Last?

PVC roofs are intended to withstand extreme weather conditions. As a result of that, it's not uncommon for PVC roofs to be fully functioning even after 30 years. If you'd like to find out more about how long clear plastic roofing sheets last, you can refer to our article, which goes into far more detail on the topic.

Is A PVC Roof Waterproof?

Yes, a PVC roof is waterproof. This makes the use of PVC corrugated roofing sheets the perfect choice for a number of outbuildings, including roof gardens, walkways, sheds, and more.

Can You Paint PVC Roofing Sheets?

You technically can but it's not as straightforward as painting a wall. First, you need to prep the PVC, before coating it in a very particular type of paint that can adhere properly.

Are PVC Roofs Hard to Maintain?

No, they are not. In fact, PVC roofs are among the easiest to maintain. The reason for that is because almost no type of pollutant can truly get stuck to the plastic. So, when it comes to cleaning it, all you need to do is get a wet cloth and wipe it away.

How Thick PVC Sheets Should I Buy?

That would depend on what you plan on using them for. Thicker sheets are generally more recommended for industrial applications while thinner PVC sheets are preferred for residential use. Please note that thicker PVC roofing sheets tend to last longer, but they are also pricier.

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