Reclaimed Chimney Pots

Reclaimed Chimney Pots

Reclaimed chimney pots provide excellent elements to accentuate gardens and outdoor spaces with a distinct Victorian-era charm. 

Reclaimed chimney pots for sale can be used as striking planters, decorative statues or focal points in any garden setting. Their ornate silhouettes alone are enough to distinguish them from newly manufactured versions while adding a significant amount of decor value to any outdoor area. Buy reclaimed chimney pots today for the perfect addition to a tailored garden design.

JJ Roofing Supplies have a wide selection of distinctive red chimney pots in brindle and canonhead roll top options. Every chimney pot has been obtained from the building's chimney stack. 

Ring us at 0333 700 1111 if you are still looking for the appropriate reclaimed chimney pots for sale on our website. We are pleased to answer any queries you may have because our staff is very informed about recycled building and construction materials.

What are the main benefits of using a reclaimed chimney pot?

The main advantages of using a reclaimed chimney pot are that it is sustainable, cost-effective, and can add an attractive aesthetic to a building or outdoor space. Reclaimed chimney pots can also help improve the air quality of a home, as they are designed to draw smoke away from the building. Finally, used chimney pots are a cost-effective addition to your household.

What can I do with old chimney pots?

Reclaimed chimney pots make a remarkable addition to gardens and patios, providing an attractive visual aesthetic while creating a traditional and rustic atmosphere. Offering more than just beauty, they are functional; the large openings can be used to house various plants or as ventilation for BBQ pits and fireplaces. Not only do they look great in gardens, but they also provide lasting durability – making them an excellent addition to any outdoor living space.

Are chimney pots necessary?

To keep your chimney's efficiency and safety for many years, installing a chimney pot ensures that it is dry and debris-free. Your chimney's efficiency will increase with a chimney pot. A perfectly fitted chimney pot will stop a wind-driven downdraft. To find reclaimed chimney pots near me, drop us an email.

How do you date chimney pots?

To accurately date chimney pots, you'll need to consult an expert in historic building restoration. They will be able to provide a more accurate assessment of the age of the chimney pot based on its shape and size.

Please note that while every care has been taken to ensure all information on this product is accurate, there may be some variation in measurements and angles between batches. As a result, any dimensions or angles quoted should be treated as approximate.

We have also taken the time to ensure our images portray the colours as accurately as we can, but due to differing screen/device settings, we cannot guarantee a colour match with your roof.

Please get in touch with our sales team or your local branch for any further information or to obtain samples.

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