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ClassicBond EPDM

ClassicBond EPDM

ClassicBond EPDM

ClassicBond epdm is a leading supplier of rubber roofing throughout the UK. Classicbonds, particular edpm holds weight throughout the roofing industry for its strength and ease of installation. ClassicBond has operated for over 13 years, installing and performing on many flat roofs. So if you are JJ Roofing customer, chances you've often seen in our stores a large grey roll in a designated corner; this is, in fact, ClassicBond. Our team at JJ Roofing Supplies cuts and supplies ClassicBond rubber in 1-metre lengths, simply give us your flat roof measurements, and we'll provide a bespoke rubber cut out to suit your flat roof perfectly.

Why Choose ClassicBond?

There are many reasons to choose ClassicBond rubber for your roof. One reason is the pure durability of the product. ClassicBond comes in a thick 1.2mm rubber; its thickness means it is almost impregnable for the roofer to cut or damage the product. This rubber strength is ideal for fighting off harsh weather elements. ClassicBond has backed the durability of their product by giving an impressive 20-year product guarantee. Another reason is the ease of installation. ClassicBond rubber generally comes in two widths, 4.5 metres and 6 metres. These widths are commonly similar to the widths of most UK flat roofs. Assuming the roll width is greater than the flat roof. Simply measure the length and have us cut it to the nearest metre to your requirements. The bespoke cutting means the rubber can be installed with a single lay, simply prime the substrate with the required prepping adhesives and install. Lastly, the aesthetics. ClassicBond is often seamless due to the bespoke cutting of the product. This, combined with the black trims creates an unimposing sleek finish.

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