Vent Tiles & Adapters

Vent Tiles & Adapters

Here at JJ Roofing, we are happy to offer a wide variety of roof vent options including vent tiles.

Available in many different colours and profiles, we are confident that you can find suitable roof tile vents from our selection below. We only stock tile vents from known manufacturers including established names like Klober, BMI Redland and Ubbink.

A degree of roof ventilation is definitely necessary regardless of the property type. Moisture is generated by a number of everyday tasks carried out in the home including bathing, showering, cooking, drying laundry and even breathing. As time passes, this moisture will naturally move up into the loft space which can cause problems if proper ventilation is lacking. By fitting a roof vent, this problem can be largely mitigated.

When moisture gets trapped in the loft space, it can lead to a number of issues including damp and mould formation which can damage the items stored in the area while also negatively affecting the roof structure itself. Remedying existing issues can be a lengthy and costly process which is why preventative measures are always recommended such as implementing a roof vent or roof tile vents into the structure itself.

Tile vents are by far the easiest professional solution to roof ventilation problems. All of the high quality roof tile vents we offer right here at JJ Roofing are made by established brands which means that they are long lasting and very simple to fit. Regardless of whether you’re in the process of installing a new roof or need to retrofit an existing one, we are sure to have the right roof vent solution available below.

One of the best places to fit a tile vent is at the bottom third of a roof so it sits just above the insulation level. This placement of roof vents will allow air to circulate over the insulation which will remove any moisture that is moving upwards or might already be trapped in the fibres. If a tile roof vent is positioned too low, it may end up chilling the edges of internal ceilings or create cold spots.

Of course, if you have any issues with a tile vent, our team are always happy to help. For all your roof vent requirements, give JJ Roofing Supplies a call or peruse our products below.

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