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VELUX Sun Tunnels

VELUX Sun Tunnels

A room drenched with sunlight looks more aesthetic and spacious.

Unfortunately, some windowless corners in your home can dim the mood. If you've got such a corner, why not add natural light with the VELUX sun tunnels available here at JJ Roofing Supplies?

Velux sun tunnels are ideal for bringing light into your home's dark corridors, stairwells, and cupboards under pitched roofs. In addition, you can make your home feel lighter and airy by installing a light tunnel roof.

What are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are fitted into a roof, reflecting sunlight down a tube and dispersing it through the diffuser in the room's ceiling. This line of sun tunnels is created for a simple setup, offering diverse sizes and choices for all areas.
VELUX offers innovative daylight solutions to suit every roofing need - from flexible sun tunnel that allow for more excellent manoeuvrability to rigid sun tubes providing a direct passage of light. Whether you have pitched or flat roofs, Velux sun tunnel ensure your space is filled with bright and welcoming natural illumination – whatever the weather.

Key Features:

●    Suitable for roof pitches ranging from 0 to 15 degrees.
●    BBA qualified.
●    10-year guarantee on sun tunnels

Product Description:
●    The Velux Flexible Sun Tunnel provides excellent illumination where it is challenging to do so naturally. However, installing it is simple and will lighten any space underneath.
●    It is commonly used in domestic properties to help make rooms appear larger and more spacious by creating the illusion of height and depth. 
●    You should install it at 0.4m and 1.5m from the top edge of the batten for perfect installation.

Are VELUX Sun Tunnels any good?
Yes, Velux sun tunnels are an economical way to maximise the sunlight entering your home. You can have a brighter and healthier life by investing a small amount. So make Velux sun tunnels part of your home improvement strategy today for improved brightness with fewer expenses.

Do Sun Tunnels need planning permission? 

The answer is usually no, but it is worth investigating before investing in a Sun Tunnel. It is always best to double-check if you live in a listed building or conservation area.

How long do Solar Tubes last? 

VELUX offers a ten-year warranty on the acrylic domes and a 20-year warranty on the solid reflective tubing. The rigid attic tubing should last a lifetime. 
Your light diffuser should be cleaned regularly, especially in the kitchen. Water leakage is the most common problem requiring the total replacement of sun tunnels. Leakage occurs when your sun tunnel is installed incorrectly or a crack in your acrylic dome. This should be fine if detected early, so keep an eye out for water droplets or discolouration near your diffuser.

Where do you install Sun Tunnels?

Usually, people install Velux sun tunnels in bathrooms and hallways, but you can also install them in family rooms and kitchens. Sun Tunnels are a low-cost way to bring light into your home. However, sun tunnels are rarely installed in bedrooms due to their not being blinds to stop ingress. 

What is the difference between a Sun Tunnel and a Skylight?

Skylights are like windows, except they are located on your roof rather than on your wall. Sun tunnels, on the other hand, are tubes that reflect natural light. There is only a glass dome outside and a small circular opening inside through which natural light passes.
A skylight lets light pass directly through, whereas a sun tunnel captures light, magnifies it, and projects it through a light diffuser. This can bring a brilliant glow to a dark and drab room, warming it up and making it more liveable.

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