Duratech Conservation Roof Windows

Duratech Conservation Roof Windows

Duratech Conservation Roof Windows are a premium product designed to meet the needs of heritage buildings in conservation areas.

As a homeowner living in a conservation area, you often have various housing rules you must abide by; a conservation roof window is one of them.

Duratech conservation roof window has a slimline profile and traditional appearance. As a result, these windows blend into historic rooftops while providing modern benefits such as energy efficiency and ventilation control. Made from durable materials, you can be confident in their longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions.

The Duratech Conservation Roof Window is made from Nordic pine. This timber is of the highest quality, knot-free, and kiln-dried. In addition, all pine used in manufacturing Duratech windows is sourced from sustainable forests that are PEFC certified. This is because 

Duratech believes in aiding the sustainability of the planet.

A few minor differences—a black exterior finish, a glazing bar down the centre of the glass, and the window laying flush with the roofing material—distinguish a conservation window from a regular roof window. It would be best if you relied on the counsel of your local conservation officer because the definition of conservation might be highly unclear.

Benefits of conservation roof windows:

Easy to install
Effective for noise reduction
Guarantees reduced heat loss in the winter
Limits overheating in the summer
Modern on the inside, traditional on the outside
Pre-protected by fungicide.

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