Flat Roof Outlets

Flat Roof Outlets

It’s essential that flat roofs stay well ventilated and protected from water damage in both hot and cold weather.

Flat roof drainage outlets are useful fittings that help drain water off notoriously tricky flat roofs, whereas flat roof outlet vents are used in conjunction with a ventilation system to get fresh air into your home, garage or outbuilding.

These flat roof outlets are easy to install without needing a range of specialist tools. They also come in a variety of materials - such as rubber or PVC - that have been specially designed to survive harsh weather conditions, such as cold air, warm air, and UV exposure. We guarantee a longevity and durability to the products on our site, even with our fantastic competitive prices and fast UK delivery.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we stock flat roof outlets from leading manufacturers, including Areco, Ubbink and Wallbarn.

Different Types of Flat Roof Outlets

Flat roof outlets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and purposes. There’s the standard roof drainage outlet that connects to a downpipe, crucially draining sitting water off the top of your roof. Alternatively, the roof vents are designed to provide ventilation and prevent condensation build-up which could damage your roof in the long-run.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we offer products from leading manufacturers, such as Ubbink who offer insulated flat roof outlets which are simple and cost-effective. Areco flat roof rubber outlets are extremely easy to install alongside rubber flat roofing jobs, or you could pick up an Areco Surefix, an affordable aluminium outlet which connects to different sized downpipes.

It’s our intention at JJ’s to provide a variety of options when it comes to getting the job done right. Depending on the pitch of your roof, the material your roof is made of, and how easy it is to attach internal downpipes, you’ll need one of our flat roof outlets suitable for the job.

Benefits of Flat Roof Outlets

Flat roofs are susceptible to water damage because it’s not as easy to drain water from the rooftop using your standard guttering or tiles. Flat roofs designed with flat roof outlets in mind work best as you can create a pitch that causes the water to run down the vent into internal downpipes and distributed in a suitable location.

They come in a variety of materials that are all designed to be durable in UK weather conditions, whether it be PVC, Rubber or Aluminium. Some come with filters attached to prevent leaves and other materials from running down the pipes, and others provide ventilation to prevent condensation build-up on your roof. UV protection is also important as you don’t want the material drying out, cracking or becoming useless after long exposure in the sun.

Lastly, they’re easy to install. Even with interior piping you won’t need specialist tools to affix a flat roof outlet. Thanks to this quick installation process and generally cheap prices you’ll find our outlets at JJ Roofing Supplies the optimal choice for securing your rooftop against the weather.

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