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Are you looking for a simple, elegant way to bring natural light into your home? Then, a roof lantern is something that you should consider. Not only do they provide an ideal daylight source, but their timeless design can add a touch of sophistication and ambience to any interior. At the same time, roof lanterns are now available in contemporary styles with improved insulation values compared to traditional models. 

JJ Roofing Supplies stock a range of best-in-class roof lanterns from reputable brands such as Atlas and Korniche. The lantern choices from Atlas Lantern and  Korniche Lantern are perfect for conservatories or any space you want to fill in light. In addition, the modern roof lantern offers you a far less blocked view than other lanterns available on the market, thanks to its sleek aluminium frame.

Are lantern roof lights a good idea?
A roof lantern in your home can be a stunning addition. Whether you have a beautiful garden or want to take advantage of the natural sunlight and get creative with your design choices, this architectural feature is a great addition. Let's have a look at some of the benefits which roof lanterns have to offer.

Better View
A roof lantern changes more than just the aesthetics of your living area. It changes how your room functions by flooding it with natural light. While remaining in the comfort of your home, you may take in the impressive sky views and observe the changing seasons.

Renovated living area
Roof Lanterns architecturally quite often add to a home. Large window panes bridge the gap between bricks and mortar to your localised natural surroundings. Installing roof lanterns allows you to use daylight hours more efficiently, providing increased sunlight levels indoors even in the darkest winter month. 

Quick and simple installation
Roof lanterns, although they seem complicated, often the installation process is quite the contrary. Our range of roof lanterns is easy and quick to install. In particular, the fastest and simplest kit on the market is the Korniche roof lantern. Korniche roof lanterns may be assembled in minutes and quickly glazed.

Outstanding energy efficiency
Roof lanterns are robust and thermally efficient systems available in the UK and can drastically improve your living conditions year-round. In addition, energy-saving windows keep out winter weather while letting more daylight into your home, so you'll use less electricity to light up a room. This will increase comfort during colder months and reduce monthly energy costs due to window technology advances requiring limited heating usage.

Do you need planning permission for a roof lantern?
Typically, no planning approval is needed to install roof lanterns. As a result, you won't have to deal with the headache of lengthy applications.

Your lanterns must adhere to the following three restrictions and guidelines, according to the Planning Portal:

  • Any modification must only project 150 millimetres or less from the current roof plane.
  • No alterations to raise the structure over the roof's peak.
  • Obscure-glazed side windows are required, and openings must be 1.7 metres above the ground.

It would help if you talked to a professional to determine the correct roof lantern dimensions to satisfy the building control criteria. 

Are roof lanterns noisy when it rains?
Due to their intricate glass patterns, roof lanterns are susceptible to outside noises like rain or traffic. However, the performance of the glass has significantly increased due to modern production techniques. Therefore, the effectiveness of a lantern roof will rely on the calibre of the glazing utilised, just like with windows. 

Are Korniche Roof Lanterns Easy To Clean?
You could find reaching your Korniche roof lantern challenging when it's time to clean it properly. You will need ladders and length-adjustable sponges to get every part of the roof lantern in rooms with high ceilings. However, if you have the tools required to access your roof lantern and keep yourself safe while cleaning, your only issue will be finishing.

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