Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant way to bring natural light into your home?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider investing in a roof lantern. Not only do roof lanterns let a lot of daylight into your home, but their timeless design can add a touch of sophistication and ambience to your interior.
What's more, unlike their traditional counterparts, the new generation of roof lanterns are now available in contemporary styles with significantly better insulation. In addition to that, they also offer a far less obstructed view compared to older roof lanterns that are available on the market, which is all thanks to their sleek aluminium frame.
At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock a broad range of best-in-class roof lanterns from some of the most reputable brands in the industry. Some of the brands that we stock up on include Atlas and Korniche. Whether you're looking to add a roof lantern over your conservatory or another part of your home, the truth is that you can't go wrong with either Korniche or Atlas Lanterns.

Are Lantern Roof Lights a Good Idea?

If you've looked at the different roof lanterns for sale on our site and are wondering if spending money on one is a good idea, the truth is that it depends on your needs and preferences. If your property has a flat roof area with sufficient meterage, and you'd like to let more light into your indoor space, then yes, investing in a roof lantern is a great idea. To give you a better insight into the benefits of investing in a roof lantern, keep on reading.

Advantages of Roof Lanterns

There are many advantages of having a roof lantern installed on the roof of your property. Some of them (according to our customers) include:

Get a Better View of the Outside

Contemporary roof lanterns will do much more than change the aesthetic of your living space. They'll also flood your inside space with more natural light and let you get a better view of the outside. Just wait until the sky is clear or for it to start raining. You'll quickly realise that installing a roof lantern was totally worth it.

Improve the Look of Your Indoor Space

Opting for roof lanterns will help you bridge the gap between your living space and your natural surroundings. Installing roof lanterns also allows you to use daylight hours more efficiently, providing increased sunlight levels indoors even during the darkest winter months.

They're Quick & Easy to Install

Aluminium roof lanterns may seem bulky and difficult to install. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. One of the key features of the roof lanterns we stock is how quick and easy they are to install. In particular, the fastest and simplest kit on the market is the Korniche roof lantern. Korniche roof lanterns can be assembled in minutes and quickly glazed.

They Offer Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Roof lanterns are robust and thermally efficient systems available in the UK and can drastically improve your living conditions year-round. In addition, energy-saving roof windows keep out winter weather while letting more daylight into your home, so you'll use less electricity to light up a room. This will increase comfort during colder months and reduce monthly energy costs.

FAQs About Roof Lanterns

What is a Roof Lantern?

In most basic terms, a roof lantern is a structure, which features a glaze or transparent roof - most often featuring several glass panels arranged in a framework. They are most commonly installed on the flat roofs of residential and commercial properties that can benefit from increasing the natural daylight indoors.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Roof Lantern?

No, roof lanterns don't require planning permission. That said, there are some criteria that you need to meet for it to be within regulation. For instance:

  • Any modification must only project 150 millimetres or less from the current roof plane
  • No alterations to raise the structure over the roof's peak
  • Obscure-glazed side windows are required, and openings must be 1.7 metres above the ground

As long as you can meet the above guidelines, you are all in the clear and can proceed with the installation of your roof lantern without planning permission.

How Much Do Roof Lanterns Cost?

Roof lantern prices vary depending on the brand, size, build quality, and other similar factors. The good news is that the price of roof lanterns can vary quite a lot, so set a budget, and browse through your options until you come across one that suits both your needs and budget.

Where Should Glass Roof Lanterns Be Installed?

As long as you have a flat area of your roof that can accommodate roof lantern installations, and it meets the regulations for roof lanterns, you're good to go. To give you an idea, most roof lantern installations are done above living spaces, extensions and conservatories, and workspaces as they can typically always benefit from more daylight.

Are Roof Lanterns Noisy When It Rains?

That will depend on the roof lantern itself and how hard it's raining. Generally speaking, glass roof lanterns are known to let in quite a bit of noise into your indoor space if it's raining hard outside.
That said, the noise can be reduced if you opt for a roof lantern with double-glazed windows. So, when shopping for a roof lantern, if the noise from the rain is a concern for you, you should also pay attention to the different glazing options available.

Are Korniche Roof Lanterns Easy To Clean?

Since your roof lantern will be on the roof of your property, it can be trickier to clean compared to standard windows. However, the added difficulty is most often associated with gaining access to the roof of your property rather than the process of cleaning the roof lantern itself.
So, if you can find a ladder that can safely get you up on the roof, cleaning your Korniche roof lantern won't be any more difficult than cleaning your normal windows. What's more, is that since the frame of Korniche roof lanterns is made of high-quality aluminium, the frame of your roof lantern will require very little attention since it's low maintenance.

Are Roof Lanterns More Prone to Leaks?

No, they're not. Whether your roof lantern causes you any issues when it rains will depend on the quality of installation and the product you buy. If you buy an Atlas or a Korniche roof lantern and it's installed properly, then no matter how much it rains, no water will make its way to the inside of your property.


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