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This is our range of hammers to use during your roof construction project.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we have all the materials you need to construct, repair or renovate a roof, and we also supply the hand tools you’ll need to complete the work to a professional finish.

There are specialist hammers for laying roof felt, such as the Hammer Tacker, or the specialized tool for slate roofing, the Wooden Slater’s Hammer. While you can use a standard household hammer for laying some types of roofing, due the fragility of some materials and the complicated process that goes into laying others, it’s often the specialized hammer that saves you time up on the roof.

Like our building supplies, our range of hammers are available for fast UK delivery at competitive prices. You’ll be able to find specific tools that aren’t common in your local DIY store, ideal if you haven’t got time to drive out to a specialist shop and pick one up yourself.

Types of Hammers for Roofing

There are many different types of hammers for a variety of roofing projects. Take the Hammer Tacker, for instance: this tool is specially designed for tacking down carpet underlay, roofing felt, and insulation. The Wooden or Steel Slater’s hammer has a claw for drawing out nails and a sheer edge for slicing right through slate. The Estwing Claw Hammer is a fantastic hammer - lightweight and designed for heavy duty.

You can also pick up a standard steel claw-hammer, the must-have for any DIY projects. It’s an essential tool in your kit and is available at JJ Roofing Supplies for a bargain price. We stock top brands like Stanley and DeWalt - the Stanley Hi-Vis claw hammer is one of our popular hammers, available for a great price and built to last.

Alongside our hammers, we also stock a range of power tools that are designed for any and all DIY projects at home. This includes electric drill and hammer sets. Browse our full set of products here, or ask one of our roofing specialists which hammer is best suited to your upcoming roofing project.

Benefits of Buying The Right Hammer For Your Roof

Our roofing specialists will be able to guide you on what sort of hammer you need if you’re looking for assistance. The truth is that some roofing jobs are trickier than others - installing roof felt, for example, is easily done with your standard claw-hammer and a handful of nails.

However, for laying lead, shingles, tiles and achieving a professional finish which will stand the test of time, it all comes down to the specialized hammer or tool you’re using. Plus, if it’s a big job, you want to be as comfortable as possible while you’re working. That’s why it’s best to invest in a lightweight hammer that’s just right for the job.

Browse through our selection of hammers and hand power tools here at JJ Roofing Supplies, or you could visit one of our six branches in the UK for a hands-on test.

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