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Plastic Downpipe

Plastic Downpipe

Often overlooked, the humble downpipe is by far the most important part of your roof guttering system.

Downpipe is almost solely responsible for catching, collecting and directing all the water away from your roof - an essential part of maintaining the structural longevity of not only your roof but of the entire building. One faulty pipe and you can have water pouring down the side of your house, entering the brick and mortar and causing significant damage.

That’s why at JJ Roofing Supplies we provide durable plastic downpipe from leading manufacturers and companies in the UK such as Flopast and Hambleside Danelaw. Everything you need, from the durable plastic piping to the clips and fixings you need to make sure they’re secure, is available right here for competitive prices and fast UK delivery.

Different Types of Plastic Downpipe

There is a wide range of different styles, sizes and types of plastic downpipe guttering. Usually available in grey, white or black, these downpipes are subtle in design and very efficient. There are options for either circular or square downpipes, including the standard downpipe that runs down the side of your building and the bend pieces which are used to direct the water.

As well as the standard downpipe you may need branch fittings to direct water in a certain direction - this is totally situational and we can assist when it comes to advice for how best to install a downpipe system on your home, just drop us a message when you’re ordering!

They are usually attached to guttering pieces of matching design and style, but there are options to interchange pieces if you're performing maintenance or repairs to a damaged guttering system.

Plastic is the ultimate choice for downpipe as its extremely cheap and easy to work with. Flopast also offers downpipes made of anthracite, a compressed coal that provides an extremely sturdy and weather resistant pipe.

Everything You Need To Install Plastic Downpipe

While we stock multiple types of plastic downpipe, you’ll also need a different clips and fasteners that are all available here at JJ Roofing Supplies. Often you can pick these up for extremely reasonable prices alongside the matching downpipe. Some interchange between styles and brands is possible, though we recommend we get the clips and fixtures that fit best with the downpipe.

Importance of Durable Downpipe

Downpipes are solely responsible for getting water from your roof and depositing it into your garden or sewage system. If water is left pooling on rooftops or in blocked/damaged guttering the potential for long-lasting damage is huge.

There is no reason not to pick up these very affordable pvc downpipe options and have them installed quickly with our fast UK delivery. They are designed to survive harsh weather conditions and exposure to sunlight, plus frost and cold weather. Plastic Downpipe is also easiest to clean on the exterior of your house.


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