Torch-On Felt

Torch-On Felt

Torch-on felt is generally used in combination with fibreglass underlay and plywood to create reliable, durable and weathertight flat roofs.

Features and Benefits of Torch-On Felt 

Made from bitumen, which is widely known to have fantastic waterproofing properties, torch-on felt is typically layered to ensure properties are completely protected against the elements.

As its name suggests, Torch-on bitumen must be heated when applied. This ensures that the bitumen is securely combined with the additional materials to create watertight layers.

Here at JJ Roofing, we stock everything that you need to successfully construct your flat roof. Easy to lay and with no specialist tools required, our torch on mineral felt can be applied by both DIY fans and professional roofers.

Despite being an incredibly waterproof material, bitumen, in its original state, does not have the chemical structure to expand and shrink in warm or cold weather. Without the chemical ability to expand or shrink, the material would crack, leading to weaknesses in your flat roof and potential leakages.

To ensure that your roof has the longest life, make sure that you invest in modified bitumen felt.  Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene or SBS is one of the most common materials used to give the bitumen its elasticity. As a result of their modification, all the products that we supply will last for over 20 years and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.  

For the best torch on felt roof prices, look no further than JJ Roofing. We stock a wide range of products to suit all budgets and specifications - make sure to find out more about each product so you know that you are investing in the right one for your roof.

As one of the leading torch on roofing felt suppliers, we stock products from several different well-known industry manufacturers to give our customers the best choice. From Axter to Icopal, we stock products from names that you can trust.

From single layer material to fire-smart properties, you will find everything that you need here on our secure online store.

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