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Reclaimed Eaves & Gables

Reclaimed Eaves & Gables

Eaves and Gables are most common on plain tile roof.

At the lowest point of the roof, the eave tile is installed. The eaves should create a double lap with the whole tiles above. The top of the tiles also has an eave installed, doing a double lap with the first full tile next to the ridge. 

The gable tiles are used on the gable end of the roof. Gables are used on every other row of tiles creating the staggered effect, which thus waterproofs the roof. At JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock reclaimed eaves and gable tiles in various sizes in brown, rosemary, red and terracotta shades to offer a rustic appearance to your property. 

Our reclaimed roof tiles are sourced from industry-renowned professionals such as BMI Redland. 

If you are looking for cheap roof tiles while maintaining the look of your house, check out our massive range of reclaimed roof tiles. 

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