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VELUX Flat Roof Smoke Vents

VELUX Flat Roof Smoke Vents

All VELUX Flat Roof Windows are tested and certified according to EN ISO 12101-2.

These special function VELUX CSP Flat Roof Smoke Windows are designed specially to help with the updraw of smoke and fumes in your home, ideal for business staircases, offices and public buildings, factories, and other commercial or industrial properties.

They provide a durable and automatic solution for smoke ventilation where natural daylight is a bonus, and they automatically open during a fire to provide ventilation for gas, heat and smoke inside the building. These windows are suitable for when a building needs to meet assigned safety requirements, ideal when installed in stairwells and annexes where smoke is likely to build in the event of a fire.

While these windows are innovative solution for ventilation, they perform daily as ordinary VELUX roof windows with electrical operation an option, can be opened regularly for normal ventilation, and provide the same high-quality finish expected from a VELUX window.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we provide fast UK delivery, competitive prices on top-of-the-range VELUX windows and all the tools you need to install the window professionally.

Benefits of a VELUX Flat Roof Smoke Window

In the event of a fire, a vent smoke window opens up to 50cm quickly to rapidly assist in releasing smoke and other harmful gas, while they can also be opened up to 15cm for ordinary every-day ventilation. If placed in a stairwell or annex they can keep exit routes from the building clear from harmful smoke.

Each VELUX window is designed with durable polycarbonate that withstands pressure from the elements, including ice, hail and heavy rain storms. On the inside of the window everything is PVC, which is easy to maintain and provides a seamless, professional finish.

For a flat roof smoke vent window you’ll also need to purchase the matching VELUX smoke detector system. This links up to the window and tells it when it needs to open, much like an ordinary smoke system. Multiple windows can be hooked up to the same system for total automatic ventilation for businesses and commercial spaces. You can also purchase control systems and ‘break glass’ units.

Order your VELUX Smoke Window at JJ Roofing Supplies to guarantee fire safety in your home or business. We offer fast UK delivery around the country for competitive prices - we take pride in being able to offer installation assistance to our customers, too, and for windows like this it’s important you get it right. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for some guidance on how to get your VELUX window set up properly.

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