Multi Foil Insulation

Multi Foil Insulation

Multifoil insulation is made up of multiple layers of foil with cleverly designed insulating structures like wadding.

The layered foil insulation created a new outlet for insulating your building structure.

Multifoil insulation came to fruition around the 1990’s. Builders began to eat it up, giving praise to the ease of handling and performance benefits. Particularly with loft conversions Multifoil insulation quickly rose to become first choice over the 2000’s. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we have you covered offering a diverse and expansive range of foil insulation. Popular Products like Actis and TLX have more than met our customers needs for years and continue to do so.

Benefits of Multifoil Insulation
The lightweight feel is often matched with scepticism to whether it is effective as traditional insulation within the property. Well, it does and more! They control the air, heat and vapour movement through there multiple layers. Rigid insulation and over forms often be fully effective on heat loss reduction. Multifoils insulation also come with a general life expectancy of 50 years, requiring little to no maintenance. The thinness of Multifoil tackles a niche problem within building trade, particularly with loft conversions. Space is sparse and multifoil can fit in these small spaces where traditional insulation can’t. ISO 9001 (ACTIS) certification and British Board of Agrément (TLX) certification really show the quality from rigorous testing our products have gone through.

Where is Foil insulation used?

Majority of foil insulation is used on the roof. Across and inbetween the rafters is its common place in lofts. It is used across the timber studs. The foil reflects a large majority of the heat that comes from the sun, keeping a cool eco-system within your roof.

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