Code 3 Lead

Code 3 Lead

Code 3 Lead is the lightest and thinnest of all available roofing lead coming in at just 1.32mm thick.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we offer the standard lengths of 3m and 6m for delivery around the UK.

Typically, Code 3 Lead is used to create soakers on tile or slate roofs. It should only be used for light applications and in areas that aren’t susceptible to more extreme weather conditions. For historical buildings and those that might have extreme cold or heat, it’s recommended to use a thicker gauge of lead (4 and upwards).

Soakers are an essential part of a tiled or slate roof as they prevent water ingress at exposed areas of the roof. Lead is the ideal material for a soaker because it is durable, cost-effective, and provides a professional aesthetic.

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Code 3 Lead is very lightweight and easy to install. Because of its thin gauge, the lead can be manipulated more easily than the denser and thicker lead sheets. Like all Lead Flashing, Code 3 Lead has an extremely low melting point which makes it easier to cut and shape, perfect to shape around roof abutments and tricky areas.

Even though the process of installation is relatively straightforward, there are a few crucial things you need to remember when installing lead flashing. To prevent cracking or thermal movement, you should limit the lead flashing of code 3 lead flashing to strips that are 1m in length or less. Any more and the leading will become fragile and more likely to crack.

You should cut down the lead flashing to the appropriate size, even though it will arrive in sheets of 3m or 6m for transportation purposes. Due to the thin gauge of lead, more attention has to be paid during the installation process of Code 3 lead rather than the thicker gauges.

There is a certain amount of learned skill when it comes to installing lead flashing. The material is durable but can still face problems if not installed correctly. When nailing lead flashing you should use nails that have a similar life expectancy to the lead, such as copper or stainless steel. Fixings should not restrict thermal movement or it could cause damage to the flashing.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we offer great prices on a range of different lead flashings and sheets. Everything is available for quick UK delivery. If you need more advice and tips about how to install flashing, you can contact the JJ Roofing team over the phone or visit us in-store.

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