Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Polycarbonate roof sheets are manufactured with some of the strongest plastic materials in the industry.

They’re ideal for greenhouses, residential windows on outbuildings, and for low-cost conservatory roofing. Polycarbonate roofing solutions are just as transparent as glass but are lightweight, easy to install and much more cost-effective.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, you can pick up a range of different polycarbonate sheets with different colours and insulation properties. If you’re a little unsure of where to begin with polycarbonate just drop our team a message, we’re glad to help you choose the right product for your upcoming roofing project.

Different Types of Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Fundamentally most plastic roof sheets are the same and different in two respects: the thickness of the sheet and the colour of the plastic. The thicker the sheet the better its insulation properties, though the greater the cost. Different colours are available for aesthetic purposes and be can great to diffuse some of the heat that enters the space underneath the roof is necessary, although the material is also UV resistant.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we make sure all our products are tested before being stocked. That means they’re regulated for fire safety, energy efficiency, and we’ll even cut the plastic into shape before we deliver it. You can expect your materials to be delivered in the same week for market-leading competitive prices.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Roof Sheeting

Polycarbonate sheeting is one of the most cost-effective products of its kind. The material itself is one of the strongest and most durable plastic composites on the market and is resistant to all types of damage, including impact and weather damage.

Despite its strength and durability, it’s extremely lightweight, around 5x lighter than glass alternatives. This makes it a top-choice for easy-to-install roofing sheets on conservatories and other residential outdoor projects, like greenhouses or sheds.

Once you’ve installed it the roof will also likely look after itself - given the pitch is correct the roof will be mostly self-cleaning as water runoff will clear away dirt and debris. Installation isn’t just made easier because the material is lightweight, most polycarbonate roofing is also fixed to the roof structure using a very simple yet strong clip system.

Much like glass, polycarbonate sheeting lets in a lot of light, ideal for domestic spaces. It also protects against UV light which is why its a good choice for exterior awnings where you and the family might spend time outside under the sun.

If you need advice on the best thickness or colour according to your project, drop us a message and we’re happy to advise on which sheet is most suitable. We take pride in our online customer service which is much like asking one of our in-store experts over the web!

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