Roofing Tools

Roofing Tools

Roofing tools are necessary elements for roofers to work more efficiently and productively. JJ Roofing Supplies ensure that your project is finished on time and within budget by supplying best-in-class roofing tools.

We carry an extensive range of roofing equipment for newbies and professionals. However, many homeowners wonder, 'What tools are used for roofing?'

Slate and Tiling Tools

We offer a wide range of Edma & Armatool-produced professional slate and tile tools, perfect for years of productive use. Our Slaters Rips, Hip Runners, Bench Iron Slaters Hammers & Slate Cutters are all designed to provide the highest performance and durability. So don't hesitate to call us today at 0333 700 1111.


Each hammer serves its purpose, such as Hammer Tacker for laying roof felt or a wooden slater's hammer specialised tool for slate roofing. In contrast, you can use a standard household hammer to lay the roof, often the specialised hammer that saves you time on the roof.

Marking and Measuring Tools

Tape measures the length or width of any area or item. It functions as a flexible ruler and is typically sprung on a retractable mechanism for convenient storage. A measuring tape can be made of various materials, with linear-measured marks typically covering several distinct scales. The most popular ones usually use a curved metallic ribbon with lock mechanisms to maintain the length while stretched, which retracts into a coil when not in use.

Power Tools

Power tools make it easy to finish a home or business project. We cater for all demands and budget restrictions by offering a selection of items from top brands. We stock drills, mini grinders, radios, cordless nailers and compact circular saws. 

Gas Torches

Gas torched works towards the soldering copper pipe, welding some materials, brazing metal, activating shrink tubing, releasing blocked and rusty fasteners, removing air bubbles from epoxy finishes, stripping non-leaded paint, and even killing weeds. We stock Spray Application Braided hoses, Gas Torches and Gas hoses. 

General Tools 

We also carry specialised Marpels, sockets and key sets appropriate for roofing projects. We also have an infrared thermometer and pliers.

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