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VELUX Curved Glass Rooflights

VELUX Curved Glass Rooflights

VELUX Curved Glass Rooflights are a revolutionary flat roof window designed to add more daylight and a modern style.

The curved glass creates an eye-catching addition on any rooftop, perfect for design-savvy homeowners looking to elevate their exterior with innovative flair.

VELUX curved glass rooflights have something special up their sleeves regarding rainwater runoff - CurveTech technology. These rooflights are curved, which quickly directs water directly off the roof. Even the 0° roofs don't stand a chance of preventing droplets from slipping and sliding away. This CurveTech technology doesn't put a damper on diffusion either, allowing beams of sunlight unencumbered by water obstructions right through your rooflight.

At JJ Roofing, we stock flat and curved glass covers with separate specifications. However, no matter which one you choose, you can be sure the cover will protect the internal glass unit significantly.

Check out our vast range of VELUX roof windows today!  

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