Celotex Insulation

Celotex Insulation

Born in 1925 Celotex insulation has a long history of providing heat efficient products to the world.

 In 1980 Celotex launched the much known PIR Boards, Celotex loft Insulation PIR Boards are a high performance, rigid polyisocyanurate insulation board, common place in both the pitched roof and flat roof structures.

There are numerous ranges coming in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, most of which are BBA approved. Below you can see the ranges available with the attached attributes:

Product Name Thickness Range Sizes Lambda BBA
CW4000 40-100mm 1200 x 450mm 0.022 W/mK  
GA4000 50-100mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK  
PL4000 15-65mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK  
RS5000 (Currently Suspended) 50-150mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.021 W/mK  
TB4000 12-40mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK  
XR4000 110-200mm 1200 x 2400mm 0.022 W/mK

Benefits of Celotex

Energy efficiency is made key, the use of innovative technology allows Celotex to offer a larger than average thermal performance rating, some as high as 0.021W/mk. Those of you who are environmentally conscious you’ll be happy to know Celotex were the first manufacturer of insolation boards to hit a perfect A+ rating for trustworthy BRE Green Guide. Safety first is carried throughout the manufacturing process with both FR5000 and CG5000 PIR insulation boards achieving a Class 0 meaning it cannot melt. The benefits are vast, if you need more persuading on the brand visit https://blog.celotex.co.uk/technical/10-advantages-of-pir-insulation/.

Common Questions

What is PIR board?

PIR Boards, polyisocyanurate is an improvement of the previous PUR boards. Most commonly made as a foam, used in rigid insulation.

How to cut Celotex Insulation board?

Cutting Celotex Insulation Boards, we believe is best performed using jigsaw blades as it creates less dust than a traditional hand saw. Normally the blunt the cutting object the less dust incurs.

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